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Extinction Rebellion Activists Launch Ocean-Focused Offshoot With Direct Actions Targeting Luxury Cruise Liner

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/21/extinction-rebellion-activists-launch-ocean-focused-offshoot-direct-actions


I’m not seeing this method of protest being very effective. Projecting slogans onto the sides of ships, that only people in boats on the water will see…seems like a very limited audience.


The group added that "if the U.N. fails in this high purpose then a global citizens’ assembly will convene to assume governance."

Moxy !

Well - maybe its growing ?

The new Greenpeace ??

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Wouldn’t it be more effective to illustrate how luxury crusiers are just basically floating apartment blocks where you a small cramped cabin with access to mediocre food and amenities that can be obtained more cheaply elsewhere, like ocean views and swimming pools?

Oh yes. Norovirus, never mind Covid.

Hell, my family member in private equity isn’t sure why this business model still exists.


Well that would be an interesting challenge to power, and interesting to see what TPTB will do in response. Most likely not as violent of a response to this new assembly, as would happen here in the US.

I could think of nothing worse than being virtually “locked up” with another 4000 people and no way to escape:


Well anyway the virus has drastically curtailed this practice.


I feel the same way, and have never been interested in going on a cruise. But perhaps I’m biased, being shut-in on general quarters below deck on Navy ships, watching people get seasick, might tend to do that to a person.


I know what you mean. I worked on a cruise ship (tiny by comparison to these monsters today) going out of miami to bahamas. Not too pleasant in rough seas.

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My read same - but it is getting worse everywhere. That poor bastard poisoned in Russia…

Meanwhile - back to the oceans for a bit:

From my recent book “The Worst of Times” (2015), by paleoenvironment specialist Paul Wignall, it is increasingly clear that rapid global warming such as we are inducing now, and which those Large Igneous Provinces did in the past - always results in ocean anoxia, though of greatly varying intensities, depending on the configuration of the continents, and perhaps even more importantly, on the configuration of life forms, especially the very small ones, in the world ocean. Life evolves - always - and it does seem the present oceans may be more resilient than in the past.

However - the new ingredient is the human species - us !

And we are assaulting the biosphere in apparently unique ways, fossil fuel CO2 being just one of many.

Toxic synthetic chemicals are new - as are the radionuclides of our four hundred plus nuclear reactors.

Then there’s direct unsustainable on the brink of collapse now overfishing by trawler, longliner, and bottom scraping apparatus - and soon, bottom ocean mining and methane hydrate extraction at commercial scale from continental shelves.

Then there’s the crash in biodiversity - it’s almost all humans and our domesticates, right now !

Anyway - here’s the latest on Greenland - I have in my file and was just looking at the very first Science article on the GRACE satellite ca 2004-2006:

Greenland ice sheet lost a record 1m tonnes of ice per minute in 2019



The World of Residensea is a floating condominium for the oligarchs of the global kakistrocracy. The late lamented Anthony Bourdain wrote an article about his experience aboard many years ago, including in the anthology The Nasty Bits. For all his professed disdain for the mega-wealthy, this was a paean to extreme conspicuous consumption.
Anyway, the cruise industry is now undergoing a Covid related purge of its tonnage. Lots of relatively young ships are going to scrapyards, mainly in Aliaga, Turkey, and other third world facilities. When all is said and done, this particular madness of the Greed years is finished. Norovirus was bad enough; Covid may be one of those viruses that will never be banished but only barely tamed by annual injections. Think of influenza, where getting the injection is no guarantee you won’t get it or develop complications. It’s a Hail Mary play, unlike polio and other viruses.
Mother Ocean, you may be able to breath easier and start to heal. These human created sea beasts made only for pleasure(!) are suffering an ELE. Next up…the supply chain of container ships ferrying stuff that we used to make locally. And then…the grey funnel fleet. Not that I don’t still love ships; it’s the overshoot and degradation of our planet that’s turned me into the Extinction Rebellion.
Oh one real huge problem to overcome the cruise industry. All those flags of convenience and shell companies.


I’ve been on the Bluenose 2 sailing ship out of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Why not bring back sail ?


I run into people now and then who say they love to go on cruises (I’ve never been on one). They always say they can eat and drink as much as they want, they enjoy the dancing and the bands and the other tourists. None of them ever mention the negative impacts because they don’t think there are any. A good way to start would be for school districts to require environmental education that’s not funded by corporations as is often the case. Controlled ignorance and propaganda by the oligarchs in charge is deeply imbedded in our schools. Young people like these activists are our future leaders and I’m starting to see some real hope and change, not the hope and change that corporate enablers like Obama and Hillary lied about.

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Always good to see XR expanding out.

Regarding the third demand, good to see they added the part about citizen’s assemblies if the UN does not do its job.

My one complaint is that it only makes reference to working for the “benefit of all humankind.” Seems like a real opportunity missed to bring humanity into the interdependent web of all life. We are a part of ecosystems, not a being that governs over them for our benefit alone.


Me too. Which makes it all the more frustrating that our planet might be uninhabitable by the time these young people even get the chance to be leaders.

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For a visceral examination of the social and environmental costs of ocean shipping,
see the 2016 documentary Freightened. ~https://www.freightened.com/

It would seem to me, the majority of folks walk around with their heads stuck where the sun don’t shine. The year is 2020 and Lo and Behold, all of a sudden they have discovered Cruise ships pollute the oceans and the planet. WOW. In the meantime, during my whole life, ships have been crossing oceans all over the world, pumping pollutants into the atmosphere just as dirty and in greater percentages than just the cruise ships. In one report it was calculated these ships pump out FIFTEEN TONNES of sulphur and hour, from the crude cheap oil they use to run their engines. Multiply that by the numbers of ships criss crossing the ocean, then add the cruise ships and you’ll begin to see the problem marine transport poses for us all. NOT just the cruise ships people. By the way, this week it was reported a conglomeration of mining interests has formed a group to over see the OCEAN deep sea mining activities, in other words, the mining Industries are getting into gear to seriously begin mining the ocean floors. Where is the oversight in this to ensure such mining, (if it can even be done safely and harmlessly to the environment) does not damage the ocean/plants and life forms sustained by the ocean ?? I live in a country that rides on the back of mining, and I know the damage they cause to the evironment and NEVER rehabilitate the land they destroy forever with their Government’s blessing, all for their thirty pieces of silver. Where is the condemnation and critisism ???


Thanks for that link. I hope they do more screenings of the film.

I wonder how many people would sign up for a cruise if unemployment isn’t subsidized?
We can be assured that there will be no recovery like the Obama job recovering stemming from the crashed shrub economy of 2008-9.

Hi manysummits:
I am wondering about covid19 and hearing that it shows up in feces too. So----when 4,000 peopIe on a giant cruise ship set sail for a week or two, ( or longer) and possible infected feces are fIushed out into the ocean----- then what happens to ocean Life? I am wondering if seafood gets the virus too----but I have aIso read that soon it’s very possible that jeIIyfish wiII be the majority of sea Iife------and what would that do to the sea?

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Please be aware that there’s still reason to keep on hoping for a progressive party. There’s a new “political home” available to you and me and the millions of other progressives who are longing for a government truly intent on improving our lives rather than keeping us down, a government that’s not bought off and controlled by big the oligarchs and the big corporations.

Can we have a government that’s not controlled by the neo-liberals and unduly influenced by the military-industrial complex? The answer is yes, if we’re prepared to support and fight for a political party that’s willing, in turn, to fight for something better.

From 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. Eastern time on August 30, a mere 8 days from now, that upstart Movement for a People’s Party will conduct it’s virtual convention. Please, please, please do not let it take place without your presence. You can attend simply by registering and logging on at the designated time.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the Movement’s website:

“ The People’s Convention will discuss plans to build the largest party in America in the next four years, including building local hubs and state parties, sending representatives to Congress and local office in 2022, and winning the presidency in 2024. We will discuss why we must finish the political revolution in a major new people’s party and how we can do it. ”

Now, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out but this, I do know. It will only work if enough progressives and others hoping for a better future for themselves and those they love finally come together to make it happen. And if sufficient numbers participate, that progressive political party with meaningful impact on the quality of our lives and the lives of our loved ones will become a reality and a force to be reckoned with. Go to their website, register for the convention scheduled for August 30 and show up!

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