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Extraordinary Popular Delusions


Extraordinary Popular Delusions

Mike Lofgren

In a previous column, I described how the Republican Party’s Bad Ideas-Industrial Complex churns out an endless stream of pernicious policy ideas.

But that invites a question: how did these ideas get so much traction among ordinary Americans who are being harmed by them?


… In 2016, he voted third party, and in the elections in between, voted for everybody from Ralph Nader to Pat Buchanan. Yet he wondered how a guy like Trump could become president.

My advice to this former Congressional Democratic staff member is to head to the nearest emergency room and get an enema. Maybe then he can stop bashing third party voting and activism and start to connect the dots to understand how Democratic party policies since Carter (policies that he no doubt worked to bring about) have greatly helped to put Trump in the White House.

If the Democrats hadn’t abandoned unions, if they hadn’t pushed trade deals that sent manufacturing jobs overseas, if they had fought hard for a livable minimum wage, vigorously prosecuted white collar crime instead of ignoring it and so much more, then Trump would never have captured states that had previously been Democratic strongholds. It wasn’t the tiny percentage of progressive third party voting that lost the election for the Democrats in 2016, it was the HUGE percentage of voters who didn’t bother to vote fro president, precisely because the Democrats have been throwing them under the bus for decades in favor of big money corporate donors.

I’ve never expected a quad-progressive site like CD to publish articles on third party activism, but spare me the lesser of two evil establishment authors who scapegoat third party activists to cover their party’s miserable failures.


Mr. Lofgren was a former Republican congressional staffer—a defense budget analyst and adviser to House Budget Committee chairmen John Kasich, Jim Nussle and Senator Judd Gregg, Republican budget chair in the Senate. I had the pleasure of working with Mike, a dedicated Eisenhower-esque conservative (beware the military-industrial complex) during his 12-plus years in the House. This was through the perilous Gingrich “contract with America” era, the “trickle-down” economists sham, and all the other BS the GOP was peddling to stay lock step with Fox News’ and the Bush White House talking points. He really saw the truth in what was really going on and has had an amazing run in uncovering all their shenanigans since his Federal retirement.


Nice catch. He’s not a Democratic apparatchik at all.


He’s not a Demon O Krat and not what you think? Makes sense if you think about it. And, it’s all too common when your knee jerks and you kick yourself in the arse, too.
FYI- Pat Buchanan is Donald Trump’s AA sponsor.


For the Record: Powell’s speech didn’t fool me one bit, nor did any of the false claims of Saddam’s WMD’s. Nor am I fooled by the official line on 9/11. I call BS. And I still wouldn’t vote for Hillary.

I’ll pause there for now with a bit of advice: Think for yourself.


(not intended to solve anything!) The human species unit is not the individual, but rather is the community: a collection of humans (20 or 30 to a couple hundred or so – tribal peoples of greater number created clans of about thoses numbers). The many different ways that individuals expressed themselves functioned synergistical: ‘thoughful’ people were thoughtful for the community; action people acted for the community; psychopathic people were psychopathic for the community (and controlled by it)…on and on. Broadly the community was conservative of its behaviors and beliefs, but adaptive with its “liberal” thinkers imagining untried possibilities.

Without the community structure (for reasons this venue can’t contain) all the problems Lofgren discusses arise.


My mistake and I’ll admit it. He’s not a D, but an R. I stand by my point that scapegoating third party activism as the reason behind Trump’s rise to power is way off base.