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Extreme Flooding Across Midwest 'Exactly In Line' With Scientific Warnings of Climate Crisis: Experts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/extreme-flooding-across-midwest-exactly-line-scientific-warnings-climate-crisis

Unprecedented tornadoes in chile too:

So, this might look bad and the pictures are impressive, but I’m a little underwhelmed. Most of what the article calls farmers are corporate owners of agribiz frankenfarms. Soybeans and corn are so polluted with round up that Europe won’t allow them in, so we poison Asia with our criminal products. More over, the whole of the great bread basket of America has driven hundreds of species to near extinction due to their use of pesticides. Drowning this area could be Nature’s answer to our massive self destruction.

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I’m in rural central Illinois with lots of heavy, clay soils. Big farmers over the past 15 years have been spending huge amounts to have drainage systems trenched into their massive corn and bean fields. They are the ones who seem to be able to plant even with all the rain we’ve been having which means that their fields are shedding water into the creeks and rivers more rapidly which jacks up the river levels.
Meanwhile, medium (no one likes to identify as a “small farmer”) farms are way behind. They-- 500 to 1000 acres-- are the ones with used planters and tractors that are small enough to fit on a back road. They’re going to be looking for relief this season from somebody, especially with the trade war and China refusing to buy U.S. grain. This issue and the plight of the medium sized farmers who are getting squeezed is a topic that deserves a lot of media attention. An alternative farm policy might get some attention from these farmers.

The Earth is home to all of us. Destroy it and we’ll be homeless.

Fortnight game creator bought forests in North Carolina to save them. If we can’t do that then at least we can sign and/or share petitions to save trees! It’s not just rain forests which sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Trees in our very own backyards do too.

This Change (dot) org petition is for to save urban trees in the river town of Alton, IL, currently under water.

Search “Save Remaining Urban and Suburban Trees” on Change (dot) org.

chng (dot) it/jmft2dy5