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Extreme Inequality Fueling Climate Change: Oxfam Study


Extreme Inequality Fueling Climate Change: Oxfam Study

Derrick O'Keefe

The evidence is clear: the rich are destroying the planet.


Billionaires forming the Breakthrough Energy Group that O'Keefe mentioned will expand upon the Waltons' and Kochs' efforts to monopolize solar energy by lobbying state governments to charge small scale solar (commonly called "rooftop" solar) generators exhorbitant monthly net metering fees and coaching utility companies on fee implementation, thereby shutting down the small scale solar business.


Soon the rich will burn the poor as fuel. I can already hear them now. "Honey could you throw a few more peasant children on the fire it's getting a bit nippy in here."


And what about immigration? A person from Haiti immigrating to the U.S. will start producing 96x more carbon! Isn't a moratorium on immigration necessary as part of a good overall carbon-reduction strategy for the planet? The leftists say oil interests are holding back measures, but what about the MULTICULTURALISM-IMMIGRATION COMPLEX? Aren't they holding us back too?

This is the REAL problem. There are few rich but there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring into the wealthy lands every single year. They suddenly produce multiples more carbon even without an increase in their numbers from breeding. Check out cis dot org for the figures.


Only a combination of government and individuals can reduce emissions, neither can do it alone. Government has to provide programs and tax breaks to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy and individuals have to take advantage of these programs. The incentive for individuals is that they will save money in the long run. The technology needed is already available. This includes solar power, insulation, heat pumps, energy efficient windows, energy efficient appliances, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, etc. For some things like flying, carbon offsets can be purchased. How to get up to speed in implementing the necessary changes to reduce emissions is the problem..


Yeah, keep them poor people OUT! Only us fat white pigs are entitled to pollute the planet to death.


I don't blame you for believing this, lrx, but I don't. That is, yes we can set up solar panels in our yards or on our roofs--but do we have to wait until until someone makes it cheaper than doing nothing? Yes, we can buy plug-in or hybrid cars--but half the emissions of a car are in its manufacture, so this isn't a solution really, merely a reduction. Purchasing carbon offsets for flying is bullshit. Offsets don't remove the carbon from the high altitude atmosphere where the jet left it--no amount of indulgence money or fancy certificates or pious ceremonies will help, we have to STOP BURNING FOSSIL FUELS ASAP. And stop deforestation and switch to organic, multicultural agriculture. And we have to do it faster than is at all likely.