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Extreme Wealth Threatens Our Very Planet


Extreme Wealth Threatens Our Very Planet

Sam Pizzigati

We either keep fossil fuels in the ground, or we fry.

That’s the conclusion of another new blockbuster study on climate change, this one from the National Academy of Sciences. Our fossil-fuel industrial economy, the study details, has made for the fastest climate changes our Earth has ever seen.

Our fossil-fuel industrial economy, the study details, has made for the fastest climate changes our Earth has ever seen.



riches for the very few
life on earth thus dies

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We have allowed them to literally, shit on us, by giving industry the go ahead to poison our air and pump toxins into our waters.

This could have been stopped a long time ago, but we got complacent with ourselves.

We trusted two untrustworthy political parties with everything and now we are faced with a disastrous failure in the White House, bent on destroying life as we’ve known it.

Folks, in this reality show, it’s literally, Us against Them.

Supporting them will get you nowhere.



The sad thing to me about this whole climate catastrophe, is we’ve had the technology for 40 years to switch to renewable forms of energy, and could have done so with little more than a tiny blip in our economy if done at a steady pace. Now if we even can pry the grip of the energy oligarchy, it will be a painful transition for the economy and the working class.

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And there were many warnings sounded over the past few decades including this from 1989:

U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked
June 29, 1989




Even now, capturing carbon dioxide and storing it by using it as fracking and heat transfer fluid in enhanced geothermal systems would still be cheaper than suffering from a world-wide famine fiddling while Rome burns.

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The trouble with complaining about rich people and government contributing to the climate crisis rather than helping is that the complaint is entirely correct.

It is extensively and emphatically correct, and it cannot become incorrect any time soon. Billionaires will act when they understand that they cannot resolve this by swinging around their power or by buying themselves a silver-bullet solution. But by that time, the processes underway will be way far down a chain of unacceptable destruction, and the availability of resources for a human response to all this is problematic, even in what appear to be the best scenarios.

We need to respond against government as it is and these large businesses. But to do that, we also badly need to take positive action.

  • For-profit enterprise will not cease carving up the world for oil while everyone is paying at the pump.
  • Elected officials will not turn away bribes when they are lucrative, nor ignore threats (to themselves personally) when these are dire, as we can document that they sometimes are.
  • Business leaders will not turn away profit for reasons of sanity while sanity would remove them from their stations of power.
  • And consumers will not cease burning hydrocarbons and wasting topsoil while we imagine that our food and our livelihoods depend on that.

After all, were we to all stop doing any of this tomorrow, abruptly, without any alternative system in place, that itself would kill off most of us, just because it would involve abandoning our means of support.

Positive action, then, requires building and operating alternatives, building to some point an alternate system or systems while the existing outmoded system is still in some sense and to some extent functional. To whatever extent the new system is up and running, people can do much that is positive:

  • With rain-catch and greywater in place, we can have clean water without paying Nestle.
  • With residential and greenbelt gardens and farms, we can eat well without lots of hydrocarbon transport and without biocides
  • With land-holding trusts, an old person can plant a tree with reasonable expectations that the grandchildren of his or her grandchildren shall sit in the shade and harvest the fruit. This can also involve a deal that will take care of elders and reduce the debt burden on young people, including young couples who should be devoting time to children.
  • With stronger community units, more sophisticated aspects of global economy might eventually be supplanted, including education, communication, arts, crafts or manufacturing, and others.

Something very roughly and broadly like this has to happen because the existing system cannot respond to the problems that it has created.



I reckon being Almost Honest must never be acceptable in those hired to represent and govern us.



Humans are misguided ,our economic systems are primitive based on not enough to go around and that we are all seperate from each other.

There is a saying in the cosmos: Eternal Life brings Eternal Peace

If, on the other hand ,you imagine that you have a limited time in which to experience what you desire to experience ,you will give up your peace to acquire it ,or hold onto it if and when you do acquire it.

This is the story of humanity in fifty words and less.Life as an HEB is felt as an eternal reality.

Oh…a HEB is a Highly Evolved Being…not many around at the moment but we will get there.

From Awaken The Species …A New and Unexpected Dialogue



Hate to argue with you but HEB is a Texas grocery store chain :wink: