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Extreme Winter Weather Across US and Europe Linked to Unusually Warm Arctic Temperatures

Extreme Winter Weather Across US and Europe Linked to Unusually Warm Arctic Temperatures

Julia Conley, staff writer

As both those in North America and Europea have experienced bitter cold snaps and heavy snowfall this winter, climate scientists have recorded an exceptionally warm season in the Arctic Circle and researchers say that while global warming has caused warmer temperatures around the globe overall there is also a strong link between the climate crisis and

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Yes…to see the jet stream shoot up from the mid adlantic over greenland and svalbard and curl back over europe and britain… and further west…just the start.

At first glance the geoengineering site mentioned above in this comments forum looks like it was put together out of whole cloth by a Koch brothers-funded troll farm. It just has that completely fake feel to it. We already know that the climate change movement sees all the hormone-filled baloney that money can buy.

In case you’re wondering, environmentally sensitive restoration of the Arctic’s albedo, square mile by square mile, is possible. On land, perhaps the easiest tactic would be wind-powered snowmaking machines to coat the tundra with snow in late spring and in early fall. At sea, it may be possible to transfer (relative) heat from the top 100 feet of small parts of the Arctic Ocean into the Arctic winter air, cooling the ocean and regrowing the ice for summer. An alternative tactic would be to more cheaply pump seawater on top of the ice in the winter with wind-powered pumps. In 20 below zero cold, some of the brine will turn into fresh water ice crystals and the rest of the seawater will find cracks in the ice and re-enter the ocean.

You do realize that none, zero, of the vital research and product development that could stop New England’s plague of March blizzards is taking place. When the Arctic gets just a little warmer, the blizzards get surprisingly bigger. Worse, the world’s grain harvests suffer as the wheat belts turn to scrub land, most of the world’s forests and tundras burn down and seafood harvests suffer too. Then lots of people get hungry. This doesn’t end well. So do the easy R&D at almost any cost.


There is no man made global warming . It’s a world wide HOAX .

Comments open until March 30 2018
To request information:
Copies of the information collection instrument and instructions per link: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/01/29/2018-01533/proposed-information-collection-comment-request-weather-modification-activities-reports

as specified below:

Section 6(b) of Public Law 92-205 requires that persons who engage in weather modification activities (e.g., cloud seeding) provide reports prior to and after the activity. They are also required to maintain certain records. The requirements are detailed in 15 CFR part 908. NOAA uses the data for scientific research, historical statistics, international reports and other purposes.

I will of course read this ‘Nature Communications’ in full, and I note with pleasure that it is Open Access.

Until then, the most compelling linkage I have seen discussed between the Arctic and continental weather both here in North America and Europe is from this 2012 article in Scientific American.
The Winters of Our Discontent, by Charles H. Greene

Comparing this article and the new one should help understanding at the detailed level, but at the macroscopic level it is becoming increasingly clear that we are pushing the climate ever closer to Wallace Boroeker’s and Richard Alley’s tipping points - perhaps a type of change of state called ‘hysteresis’, wherein there is no return to normal for a prolonged period of time.

Or perhaps we are approaching Richard Alley’s ‘flickering’, where the climate jumps back and forth on something like decadal scales.

I would strongly recommend the following article by Richard Alley et al, it is a rare look into climate from one of the world’s foremost experts:

Abrupt Climate Change

Too many don’t understand the “it’s all connected” aspect of climate.

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The seventh grade perspective the public needs:
80 calories melts one gram of ice.
1 calorie raises one gram of water one degree centigrade.
Whatever it is that is melting the ice, if not checked, will warm the surface ocean waters to tropical levels at a rapid pace.

The heat coming from factories, farms, homes, and cars are known entities. The higher temperatures that cities have over surrounding areas is also well established. The effect of ground cover on air temperature is taught in flight training programs. It would seem to me that the heating tallies are not rocket science.

I remain convinced that there are multiple countries just very excited to have that Arctic melted,. Another one of those very short term gain, long term disaster type dealies.

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I always thought “global warming” was the politically wrong term for our problem, many New Englanders I know facing high heating bills say “bring it on.”
If the world warmed uniformly a degree or two it might not be so bad, but with oceans, mountains, long waves in the atmosphere, the real issue is climate destabilization, and that is what we are seeing. This is dangerous, it threatens established agriculture, causes political instability (e.g. drought in Syria) and much human suffering (floods especially) Get used to it!


did you join just so you could say that?

Please spell check before publishing. Makes it a little hard to share articles if they are full of spelling errors (as people won’t take them seriously).

I will try and be respectful. But please do everything possible to get your head out of your ass, wipe the fetid shit out of your eye sockets and take a look at what is happening on a global scale…not just within a two mile radius of your (probably) comfortable home. The world is in tremendous peril.

Great, now I have to freeze in the winter as well as fry in the summertime!