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'Extremely Alarming': Coronavirus Stimulus Law Allows the Federal Reserve to Hold Secret Meetings on Corporate Bailouts

Everyone here needs to read Wall Street on parade. Daily. Then you will understand the raping of America taking place right now and it’s part II. Of what took place back in 2008. Using the crisis as a smoke screen.

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Those brave souls can tell us how they voted, can’t they?

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So, no, you have no citation to support your statement. Thanks.

I generally trust The Intercept, so I’ll trust their version of AO-C’s vote, and stand corrected.

But I’ll also point out that the article you refer to centers on not knowing who voted Y or N.

No transparency equals no truth .
Evolving society’s are stewards of the truth this is one of the most important tenants at this time.

Is it ok to put the WI SC and SCOTUS decision on the Wisconsin primaries cherry on top of this fascist cake?

If it walks like a fascist duck, swims like a fascist duck, and quacks like a fascist duck, by god, that f’n duck is a fascist…and all involved should be decapitated.

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Nothing demonstrates America’s commitment to Democracy like secret meetings.


This is what “bipartisan legislation” almost always looks like. Compromise. Reaching across the aisle. Playing nice. Call it what you will. It almost always results in the people getting screwed while the rich get lubed. Which is usually the plan. Dems like to make it look like they got played or they didn’t know what was in it, pick an excuse. So for 40 years the Dems have been getting played and never learn? I don’t buy it. The Dems just play their role. They make it look like someone cares about the people but, gosh darnit, they just somehow get played by the mean ol’ Republicans. Every. Single. Time. For the last 4 decades. Really? Really? Really? Bull$hit.


I see many well known heads on pikes lining Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street in this country’s immediate future. Don’t you?

I guess I missed the memo stating that I can only consume Tom Larsen-approved media.

Also, when is the Tom Larsen Brigade of Non-Compliance taking to the streets to fight the weaponized Covid19 lockdown hoax perpetrated by The Man? Oh, and how is The Man pulling it off – I mean the over 1,000 admissions and 170+ deaths at the hospital system my wife works at here in metro Detroit? Because these actors The Man is sending in to the hospitals are doing a convincing job at playing the role of “sick individual” and “cadaver.” And since one of them is a close friend of mine who’s been hospitalized for 12 days now, how did The Man get him to play his part, and even infect his wife and son?

One last question: You say the “entire left, progressives, radicals have been neutralized.” When were they actually active and effective prior to this overblown and so-called pandemic? I must have missed that.

"The 1976 Government in the Sunshine Act, passed in the wake of the Watergate scandal, required—with some exceptions—that meetings of federal agencies “be open to public observation.”

What a bad joke and a colossal lie. Unless the “some exceptions” means always.

Make that “unknowingly” submit, in almost all cases.

No, you provided misinformation.

Greenwald, who you admire, proclaimed the falseness of Russiagate from the beginning at The Intercept.

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