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Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

For an unsettling portent of what an authoritarian media looks like, check out the newly surfaced video compilation of dozens of well-coiffed, witless TV "news" anchors around the country all repeating the same zombie-like Trumpian warnings about "false news" and "fake stories," courtesy of their right-wing mothership Sinclair Broadcast Group - which writes the agitprop and mandates it be broadcast. Orwellian-level creepy.

Bravo! to the group that put this compilation together. If I were a broadcaster with a Sinclair group competitor in my market, I would run it as a public service announcement and make sure my commercial sales people had copies of courtesy DVDs to pass out to ad agencies and potential sponsors.

On the other hand, nobody forces anybody to watch any TV or to surf the net. TVs still have an off switch and cameras and microphones on computers can still be disabled. Sinclair Broadcasting Group is taking advantage of a lazy, bored, and unimaginative public who are quite wiling to forego exercising the choices they can still make, unlike Orwells’s 1984 where that choice was taken away.


I can only agree! The USA is not the only country in the world with democratic elections: The Soviet Union had elections, China has elections, North Korea has elections and so forth. If the USA was a real democracy, the country’s two main parties would not both be militant and conservative. To those who wonder, remember that Obama started several wars and was simultaneously involved in seven major conflicts when he stepped down.


“It might seem a million miles away, but it gets a little closer every day.”
Thank you, Congress (got flag pins?).

I listen to news and read magazines that have a point of view. I’ve heard general statements about the propagation of inaccurate and fake news similar to the one shown here made by the newscasters and columnists that I trust. I’m pretty sure the network management and editorial boards of my favored outlets exercise oversight of their staff, too. Absent the back-drop about the Sinclair Broadcast Group, these newscasts would not seem threatening. I would see them as a warning to not check my values at the portal door when I turn-on and log-in.

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We have one of those Sinclair propaganda TV outlets here in Seattle. I stopped watching the channel after Sinclair took over, and, apparently, so did a lot of other folks. Always was the #3 network channel anyway, so may not have made much difference who owns it.