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'Extremely Dangerous': Trump Tweet Calling Impeachment Inquiry a 'Coup' Heightens Fears of Refusal to Leave Office

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/02/extremely-dangerous-trump-tweet-calling-impeachment-inquiry-coup-heightens-fears

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This is amazing stuff. Trump is not playing by the rules, no surprise there but it is the system that is coming unglued as this shines a very bright light on all the corrupt games, endless cheating and lies of both parties. Trump is a member of the elite but he is also a ego-driven loose cannon on the ship of state and all of us are at risk. Democrats going after him without admitting their own corruption is leading to a very dangerous place.


As I have said here before numerous times, the idea that Trump would not leave the White House if he either lost the election or was convicted in he Senate is just a pipe dream… do you really imagine the Secret Service would let that occur? Not in a million years…
It would, of course, be awesome however to have the photos of him being carried out by them kicking screaming and cursing… I’d part with some serious money just to be there to see the final humiliation… but it really is a fantasy.
Not that I am sure he wouldn’t tweet about doing so to the very last second…


Relax, everyone. They’re only going to shoot us in the legs. You know. Compassionate conservatism.


Couldn’t the Secret Service change the locks on the White House? Or the White House chef could stop cooking for the clown car?


And herein lies the basic difference between trump and his detractors.
Trump has zero problem in going over any limits of law , sensibility , moral boundaries etc.
On the other hand ,The dems and most lefties are terrified of going too far and Trump knows this.
Only now have the Dems shown any backbone but Trump knows that he only needs to up his game and they will back down as evidenced by this articles title , “ Heightens fears of refusal to leave office.”
Trump interprets that title as an opportunity to engage in his already professed enjoyment of chaos.
The dems are terrified of the idea.
Until the left responds with “ Bring It On” and means it , Donny will push and push and push .


Neither molestation nor embezzlement have that much to do with “their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military, Border Wall, and their God-given rights as a Citizen of The United States of America!” I remember a death cult in Waco that married off 14-year-old girls and then burned up all its members.


Watch the movie “Waco: Rules of Engagement” to see how factually wrong you are about what happened there.
If you want to see real death cults, check out the Mormon Church, the American military, the logging/mining/hunting/fishing/fossil fuels/animal agriculture industries.


That last sentence is brilliant and spot on.


The last sentence of your other comment is spot on too!
Unless Americans do what the people of Hong Kong are doing, and the Congressional Dems hit Trump as hard if not harder than the GOP and Starr hit the Clintons,
we won’t rid ourselves of the orange gangster and his mob.


We all have known since the right-wing bigots, (most refer to them as fascists), took over ‘our’ country, that this type of reaction was possible. [Note: to those here in the comments saying the secret service won’t allow ‘the coup’ are seriously lacking in the knowledge of the function of the secret service. 1.) It’s not a coup, it’s the normal constitutional procedures being rationally applied. 2.) The secret service does work to protect those politicians under their care, but they do not work for them, they work for the nation, under strict constitutional guidelines.] If his followers do go irrationally violent, keep in mind they are a very disorganized minority, most of whom, (not all), are adult-children playing at conspiratorial fantasies of “war”. It might become a mess for awhile, but will be put down quickly by the rational and sane of our constitutional republic.


Thing is, Trump is not all wrong. It is a palace coup. People supposed to be loyal to him are betraying him because the Deep State does not like his foreign policies.The Deep State doesn’t give a shit about how Trump’s policies are hurting millions of Americans, or futrure generations, immigrants etc, they care about dominating the world, and Trump isn’t doing a very good job at that.


Everyone does realize Trump is not being removed from office, correct? Just want to make sure everyone is on the same page regardless of how much they want him removed. Even if/when he’s impeached by the House, the Republican-controlled Senate would need 2/3’s vote to convict and remove. The chances of that happening are quite literally astronomically low…


the rump is a bully and all bullies are, at their core, cowards. He talks all high and mighty, but if you challenge him he will back down like the snowflake he really is.


And one leading that charge is Adam Schiff. Trump is blaming the Deep State. It is worth noting that Schiff is on the Intelligence committee and a big and long time recipient of military contractor’s largesse - especially Raytheon who has deep connections to the CIA. There are few people in Congress more tied to the Deep State than Schiff.


“… intended to take away the Power of the People, their VOTE, their…”

That ship was never even in port, as evidenced by your and Bush Junior’s electoral college wins when you DID NOT win the popular vote. Now STFU and sit down as we remove your repugnant as* from office for the good of the nation, you inbecil.


I had to evict a non-cooperative renter and it was not easy… the landlord (at the Whitehouse, that’s us the taxpayers) still has to follow the rules and can’t just toss them out in the streets or turn off the utilities. I don’t know what the law is in DC.

Without the wi/fi access through his phone or someone to cook and clean, yes that might work.


The “Coup” took place in 1963 and we have never recovered.


Oh, Trump will definitely leave office when he is impeached.

If I, and millions more must do it ourselves, he’ll definitely be escorted out.


I wonder if someone is trolling me. If Drump gets evicted, he will not be homeless; the rest of us usually are if we get evicted.

The Creep in Chief is the paragon of landlordism writ hugely. He creates homelessness, although he will never be homeless.