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Extremely Eloquent, Therefore Extremely Dangerous: Native Poet Activist John Trudell Walks On


Extremely Eloquent, Therefore Extremely Dangerous: Native Poet Activist John Trudell Walks On

After decades of "speaking our truth" - from the occupation of Alcatraz that helped fuel the American Indian Movement to powerful spoken word performances - Santee Sioux artist and indigenous rights activist John Trudell has died at 69. Trudell long argued that "the genocide of civilization" called for him and others to "reclaim our memory (as) human beings" - thus prompting the FBI to compile a 17,000-page dossier on him. Near the end, he thanked his supporters for their love: "It has been like a fire to my heart."


Trudell was an inspiration to me when I was young and needed a positive message in my life. People like him showed me a worthwhile path to take in life.


"I started to write my lines... (They were) lines for me to hold onto, my hanging-on lines....
It was a parting gift from Tina (to) find some kind of center"

"he urged supporters to celebrate love and life. "I appreciate all of your expressions of concern and I appreciate all of your expressions of love.""

When the waves crash upon you, to find center, one must find heart.

Heart is the key to Compassion and Gratitude, thusly Wisdom.

Alcatraz, remember that well.......You helped a People Rise Again, Thank You.


RIP Mr Trudell. Thank you for your words and actions. You will be deeply missed.
My your journey on the Morning Star Trail lead you Home, Blessings dear brother.


May the trees all shake for Trudell.


Trudell was an inspirational activist and writer for me and for many, and a great heart for the world. Blessings John.


People of goodwill of my generation heard the peace drums when Alcatraz was occupied (reclaimed). It inspired us all. That it did so was why the powers that be didn't just storm and shoot to get it back. Public opinion supported the AIM action. It was a time when acts of courage/acts of peace would become history.

Thank you Abby for reminding us of who we were back then and what we believed in. The heroes of that era are passing and it is fitting that they be remembered by those who learned from their courage.

Good luck to the young... your time has come. Here is another of those whose life is like a fire in our hearts.


I was fortunate enough to have seen Trudell several times and I was moved each time. Seeing him was part of what got me start writing poetry again. He had a way with words that could convey both anger and love. Both are needed in the current world. RIP
And we must not forget - Free Leonard Peltier!


One of my heroes.

Such a good true voice.


My father was superintendent of Ft. Laramie during the years of the AIM uprising -- he [my father] was on the wrong side of that situation; I only hope that now Mr. Trudell sets my father straight. :sunglasses: Power to the human beings! Power to John Trudell!


You have got to get off the rant against America kick! Maybe it would make more sense if you weren't on an American site. It is just silly after a while. Plus you sure do think you know a lot when you don't.

So Americans don't care about art you say. Of course you have nothing to back that statement up with. So Pechorin how do you define art? Bourgeoise art? Pedestrian art? modernist, post modernist, neo post modernist? advertising art, illustration? Cinema... oops!!! Would cinema count as art to you Pechorin? Maybe you figure art is obscure Russian authors that no one is interested in? No one is keeping them from being published anymore are they? Do Americans read? Seems like we do.

But what is the point of your current rant since this is a political site? Do you feel that Trudell wasn't an American poet? I bet you do. Like somehow opposition to the powers that be is not what Americans do. Odd that. Like that freedom is so manifest in Russia I suppose? Like Russia had a 'sixties' era? Or a civil rights, women's rights, human rights movement like in America.

America is not just the government, not just the right wing jerks and the tea party fools.

America is full of poets and courage, decency and rebellion both. You are missing out Pechorin. You are one who doesn't believe in anything as you constantly tell us. All you believe in is being against something but not for something.

Just letting you know that all your posts are attacks and rants against Americans. All in all that is pretty dumb considering where you are posting them wouldn't you say? You should venture into right wing territory someday and see how you fare...lol.

Have some courage.


A 17,000-page dossier ??? The FBI agents must have catalogued his every word , his every move , his every breath . That being the case , it is unlikely that the fire that destroyed his home and killed his wife and children was accidental . Not with surveillance that close and comprehensive .
"He was eloquent , therefore dangerous." What a perfect epitaph !


Oddly enough the world has benefited from American genius in music (which is an art form) as well as in cinema (another art form) and believe it or not in creating the visual style which has become the standard world wide for visual representation.

American visual sensibilities have become the norm - the visual language used by this techno savvy world of ours. More books are published and read in America than anywhere else and America's writers are read in more places on the globe than anyone else's.

American design is still setting trends and while the world still owes a debt to the French Impressionists or so I was taught in art school, we've done okay since then. Maybe I am wrong about this and Russia has had a similar artistic influence on the world? Maybe I missed that though because I don't see it.

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You have too much irrational hate for everything America. I read your hyperbolic diatribe and realized that I do not want to feel responsible for a possibly unstable person losing it and have innocent people suffer for it.

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So from now on rant away, vent and invent... Best not let it get pent up inside.

Enjoy yourself and good luck to you... and all of us... Please don't hurt anyone.


That's nice. You go quote others now ...

and try to get along with others as best you can.


Alright pech...alright. Try not to get upset again. It's okay.