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Extremely Helpful FBI Offers to Assist Local Police with Unlocking iPhones


Extremely Helpful FBI Offers to Assist Local Police with Unlocking iPhones

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Just as privacy and civil liberties experts warned, the temporary truce between Apple and FBI hasn't diffused the U.S. government's efforts to fight encryption.

"We are in this together," the FBI told law enforcement agencies around the country on Friday, promising to help local police access locked phones or other devices as much as "legal and policy constraints" allow.


"FBI Won't Tell Apple How It Hacked iPhone, but Vows to Help Criminals Find Back Door"


Who has destroyed or is poised to destroy more lives -- Apple (and its mind-numbing, life-wasting gadgets) or the FBI? Having a hard time choosing a side on this one.


Of the many things government has done beyond its Constitutional mandate is the creation of federal police. The FBI is arguably an extrajudicial entity without legitimacy. No where in the Constitution is there a provision permitting government to create a federal police force focused at the citizens of the United States. In a truly democratic republic such an institution like the FBI is anathema. It is unequivocal that federal police are charged with terrorizing American citizens.


The FBI has always been a political tool. They investigate what the PTB want them to and ignore crimes of the highest nature. They often participate in deception and subterfuge, much like the CIA. I'm surprised that Apple got out of this with a simple "never mind".


Bringing the issue of tracking a bit closer to home:

To: webmaster@commondreams.org, editor@commondreams.org
Subject: Network spying as it impacts those of us at commondreams

I am happy that you have kept some focus on the issue of spying on our internet communications. Being thus aware of the issue, it perplexes me that you have not taken the step to use https for commondreams and the commons. Without it, every article we read and every post we make is visible on the network, tracked and connected both to our IP and to our login name. As a result of the revelations of Edward Snowden, Wikipedia has made the jump. Would you also consider correcting this problem?

Thank you,

(You can also phone commondreams at: 207.775.0488. I called & emailed and got no reply. We really need more people to express their concern.)


I agree, CD should armour its Internet presence. Don't give the corporate congress and its agencies access to any personally identifying information.


Hello webwalk,
My personal guess is the FBI went to its brother organization the NSA for the decrypted information. Isn't that the reason for the NSA? The rest was a Kabuki show or smoke and mirrors whichever you prefer!


And yet the FBI pales in it's illegitimacy when compared with the CIA. The latter is possibly the most criminal force ever put together by man. It's interesting that the two greatest and most successful criminals this country has ever produced lead these two agencies to the depth of criminality that they both represent. I'm talking about J Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles. I hope they are both rotting in hell.


Is the FBI working for Local Police or the American People? They are willing to help in solving crime, but they will not do anything to prevent it. Do they not care about identity theft, internet hacking, and people being spied on be god knows who. I guess software and hardware companies will have to develop better spy proof products without their help.


True. The fundamental structure of the 3 branches of government no longer exists. With a fused republic, one party, one branch government "We the People..." have been democratically vanquished. The 2000 "election" is a certifiable coup d'état that succeeded in stripping the Nation of a democratic mechanism with which to compel government, at all levels, to promulgate policies to "...promote the general Welfare", however, with a ruling elite beyond the influence of Citizens the republic is little more than a rhetorical entity.

A possible path back to a Constitutional government is verifiable elections. Establishment policies will never allow it. The only possible threat to the anti-Constitutional/anti-Democratic establishment left us is a political revolution.


This has had a massive effect on me, I have made my web-site private or hidden. The big chill, dissent of any kind will go dark once people really understand what has happened. The fbi has in effect broken the web. Yes I use Linux Mint and Tor and have given my mac mini a lobotomy by removing wifi and shut-off wifi at the router, I still am not feeling warm and fuzzy about this mess. Having been censored by my isp, hacked by apple and others in the past I am fully aware that what isn't said and what isn't being shown is that the police-state runs circles around what is reported. I will be totally amazed if there is an election. Watch out for those false flags folk's and that this may be one of them is a great possibility.


Those 2 you mentioned, elderon, are written big on the 20th century landscape, more often than not for criminal behavior.

When I think of those 2, I can't help but think they inspired George Carlin's famous punchline, "It's a big club, and you're not in it." Hoover and Dulles taunted JFK with that line and sent him to the grave, and Hoover later applied it in his nefarious dealings with MLK and RFK.

Dr. King's "moral arc of the universe" that moves slowly but bends toward justice, also impresses me as true.