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'Extremely Regrettable': Okinawa Governor Rips US for Letting Covid-19 Infections Surge on American Military Bases

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/extremely-regrettable-okinawa-governor-rips-us-letting-covid-19-infections-surge

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See a pattern here ?

The GOP’s global biological warfare strategy is to spread COVID. Killing a million murkins with COVID in the process is kind of like the kamakaze pilots sacrificing their lives for the emperor.


COVID-19 rampant amongst military led by a commander-in-chief who raw-dogs porn stars, what’s the surprise?


Consequences have never been a problem for myopic Americans - until now.


Another reason to shut down the 800+ foreign military bases.


Come on – there is so much of this “allowing to surge” of the VIRUS by
the White House/administration that it looks more like they’re trying to
actually spread the VIRUS.


Seems China and other countries with biological weapons capabilities would take notice that it does not require billions in military technology to bring the US to it’s knees, but a simple virus as we seem to be the only nation on the planet incapable of containing it. Pretty pathetic commentary for a nation that once was a leader of the free world.


Don’t forget that EVERYTHING ELSE has been upside down with the trump administration.
Why wouldn’t attention to the virus be any different.
And as Pony Boy said, sort of, bring the troops home.


Here in Canada one of the “essential services” allowed Americans so as to let them into our Country is deemed the Military as they often travel across Canada to get to bases they might be stationed to in Alaska.

Given the inability of the US Military to contain COVID continuing to allow that access puts the people at risk. This should no longer be deemed “essential” and if they need to get to Alaska they should fly in or take a boat.


Case in point those US Politicians pressuring Canada to reopen the borders. It makes one wonder whether they see Canadas superior ability to control the spread as a “competitive advantage” thus requiring them to send in their Carriers. They are big on sending in Carriers whenever there an issue.


If they thought it would kill more black and brown people would they maybe just let it ride so there is a larger white demographic. Sounds like a bizarre conspiracy theory. But if we found evidence of that strategy would anyone really be surprised?

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After trump I wonder how many expose’s will surface about trump siphoning money off for himself, family, and friends. Other than that it’s just another good day for the 1%.

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Just to show how bad it is.


As bad as the US rate of increase in COVID infections is relative to the rest of the World, the US Military has a rate of new infections that is twice as high.


Very interesting report. Verifies my belief that Americans based on foreign soil couldn’t give a stuff of the effects that OCCUPATION has on the locals which they view with contempt. I hope all the Australians in Australia take note of how the Japanese are treated by them, as they too will be treated the same way.

Quote, "Leader of the free World "! L.O.L. lead for what ? And Free World ??? W.T.F. show me where I can get on board this “Free World”? I’m 70 years of age and would love to climb on board a Free World, have not yet, through my lifetime, found any such World. Am I missing something here ? Maybe I’m on the wrong planet ??

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Again – looks like this criminal government is really trying to increase the
VIRUS and its effects here –

Presume most major impact will be on small businesses which employ the
majority of workers.

When SARS-CoV-2 goes globally endemic – and it sure as hell will – the big spreaders will be Americans. Add that virus into the vaccine cocktail that has be mixed every flu season. Nice.

On the bright side, the deaths from climate chaos will make Covid19 seem quaint.