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'Extremely Unusual': President-Elect Trump Faces Pile of Legal Challenges


'Extremely Unusual': President-Elect Trump Faces Pile of Legal Challenges

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump is facing not only a divided electorate but also multiple legal battles, one of which heads to court just two days after his upset victory over Hillary Clinton.


Let's see...
-lured by false promises
-prey upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money
-self-dealing" and other violations of the tax code
- a systemic pattern of fraudulent representations to trick thousands of families
-unlawfully fired after reporting sexual harassment
-Fraud and racketeering are serious crimes that legally rise to the level of impeachable acts

Wow. This is just the start of his presidency

Bet he wishes they were just email problems

This list can only grow as he is brought under the microscope


And what about the rape case against Trump? He was supposed to go to court for that in December. The victim claims he raped her when she was just 13 years old, back in mid-90s (and has witnesses). Crimes, plural, because he previously paid to have sex with her (still a crime), and the rape(s) occurred at house of same convicted pedophile Bill Clinton loved to hang with (all the time)- the mega-rich Jeffrey Epstein, who it is claimed help organize the Clinton Foundation. Epstein's former wife sourced girls as young as 12 (and not much older) for him, and although the Clintons parted ways with him in 2005, they still hang out with his disgusting ex.
So sick of creeps running our country.


Let's hope WikiLeaks can come up with some daily leaks before he takes office.

There's got to be something that a whistleblower can hand over to Assange.


If either Trump or Clinton go un-indicted, there is no hope for America.


Can a foreigner receive the Metal of Freedom?


Throw them all in jail for good.


This is the sort of thing we can really talk about. But I do wish we could hold off on calling him "elect" until after the 12/19 vote of the Electoral College. Especially with HRC's overall popular vote widening, we really have to use some modifier such as "presumptive."

I'd also like to know how, for instance, the federal conspiracy cloud hanging over Chris Christie affects the transition efforts.


I never thought I could love the word "racketeering", but now I do. It is inspirational music to my ears. Somebody needs to memorialize his election by writing the song "Rape, Racketeering, Raunchiness, and Fraud" in a way to also help us celebrate his being struck by lightning. There is a charge on the books against "Inciting to riot" Can we somehow charge this jerk (in the Court of Public Opinion, perhaps) with "Inciting to Bigotry and Smallness"? Gangs are already out harassing and assaulting minorities in his name. The thought of him "taking office" inspires in me a mental picture of the Darn-old backing a U-Haul up to the Whitehouse steps and stealing everything not bolted down.

This is NUTS! The American people don't want him (only the Electoral Asylum wants him), and he doesn't even want the job! All he wanted was another moment of fame, with his name splashed everywhere (sort of like the "Kilroy Was Here" from WWII). Perhaps we could make a deal with him where he and his hate-filled followers stay out of Washington in exchange for a Congressionally-designated "Dickhead Trump Day" on our calendars each year. This is your chance, little Donny, to have your name even on CALENDARS! Just go away, and we will celebrate that every year.


With the MSM's help - this, of course, will go away...we will never hear about it. Just like the LBJ scandal and senate hearing that could have ended his vice-presidency and sent him to prison....it all ended the day JFK died and LBJ became president. Americans can't have their illusions about their leaders destroyed.


oh, he was just a good old boy having fun. should be a good place for him on the cabinet.


Since the DNC was rigged, the entire election is invalid. CONTEST the election before T.rump installs any more throwbacks to positions of power.

T.rump has impeachable offenses yet to be litigated. He is not the President yet...