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Extremist Anti-Choice Laws Pass in Two States While Oregon Voters Reject Attempt to Curb Abortion Rights for Low-Income Women


Extremist Anti-Choice Laws Pass in Two States While Oregon Voters Reject Attempt to Curb Abortion Rights for Low-Income Women

Julia Conley, staff writer

While rejoicing over Oregon voters' decisive rejection of a measure that would have left low-income residents and state employees without abortion coverage, reproductive rights advocates prepared for battles in two red states where extremist anti-choice proposals were passed on Tuesday night.


"Politics is the shadow cast over government by corporations."

We need to continue to work for a 100% pro-Choice Congress, especially in the Senate.

That is the suitable response to Kavanaugh and the right wing –

And for Nature and all life on this planet.

That’s also true of abortion which certainly isn’t a “moral” issue as we see from Trump/GOP
and the conduct of the RCC and their general behavior towards children over hundreds of years
here and in every nation – nor the Evangelicals who once failed to support the idea of “life” beginning
at conception; and nor did they support either right wing attacks on therapeutic abortions for
women in late term abortions. These are the same Evangelicals where 50% of them are
addicted to pornography as an outlet seemingly for their sexual repression.

We must all keep up the pressure on sitting members of Congress and continue to recruit from
the left – while they will in both parties continue to recruit from the “ultra right” as we learned in
Dark Money/PBS - 10/1/18.

Abortion, like many other issues – birth control and “Right to Work (for free) Laws” - and
the attacks on unions are still the same issue they’ve always been … cheap labor/high profits for Elites.

After 50 years of voting on computers which remain hackable – United States elections are not evidence-based elections. - there is a long road back which must be corrected; all of it.

But last night’s results, imo, are as unlikely as any of the other right wing results we were given over the last decades and just as unbelievable.

Votescam - The Stealing of America


There are also interviews with James Collier, author, at YouTube

It should also be clear now in all of these issues that demonizing the victim is hugely important in
keeping attention off the abusers.


Fertilized eggs have rights? This country is off the rails. Maybe planned parenthood will get ever more funding! Soon all women will be jailed if they never had kids- insane as we have an overpopulated planet.