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'Extremists' Like Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Actually Closer to What Most Americans Want


'Extremists' Like Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Actually Closer to What Most Americans Want

Margery Eagan

“Far left.” “Too liberal.” “Out of the mainstream.” Google U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. You’ll see descriptions like these.

“Socialist.” “Radical.” “Extreme.” Google U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the whirling, twirling, dancing phenom out of the Bronx. You’ll see words like those.

But are even Ocasio-Cortez’s positions all that “fringe” in 2019?

I don’t think so.


I agree with everything Alexandria says, and I was so happy with Elizabeth’s Consumer Protection Bureau and so sad that it’s being dismantled------but something still eludes me:
If corporations are People, why don’t they pay the same rates as the People? They are playing the Bat’s game in Aesop’s fable.

When the war among the creatures was going on the birds of the air were fighting the creatures of the ground----and a bat was captured by the birds." Oh no, " said the bat, " I’m a bird just like you because I fly." The birds set him free.
Then the bat was grabbed from the air by the animals, but the bat said, " Oh no, I’m a mammal like you, as bats give live birth."
Eventually the birds and the animals figured it out and that’s why the deceiving bats can only come out at night.
So corporate America, you are trying to legitimize the bat’s tale by saying you are people and yet not having to live as people. This story is OLD from Aesop’s time----------so Congress get rid of Citizens United, because it makes the citizenship of We the People -----blighted!


This piece is a total faux-prog wash. Liz Warren is a millionaire lawyer/professor/senator married to a millionaire professor/lawyer. AOC is a working-class woman whose politics have not yet been co-opted and a democratic socialist. To put them in the same bag obfuscates what “progressivism” (even in the U.S. context) actually is.


NO WAY! Wishful thinking. Because of Elizabeth Warren? PLEEASE! The fact that Liz is linked with AO-C should tell anyone that the scammed Americans are still asleep.


I heartily agree with the main theme of this article. Our nation is center-left strapped with a money-driven political system that prevents almost all politicians from delivering what citizens want. How to try to overcome this? I’ve been a Green for decades and was active in Nader’s campaign and with Colorado Green campaigns for Congress and governor. Even though I’m still a Green because I love its values, I know that in our country, it has no chance of gaining any power. So I think the best strategy is to gain power thru taking over the corrupt Democratic Party; I see no practical alternative. We finally have some candidates that are at least addressing our biggest problems, which in my view are distribution of wealth, Climate Changes and militarism. I think that no major problems can be solved as long as the very wealthy have all the power. And so, maybe Sanders, Warren and Ocasio-Cortez are not perfect but you’re not going to hear challenges to our plutocracy from many other of our political candidates.

It’s easy to be very liberal on social issues and I applaud that. But unless the wealthy corporate world and individuals are challenged and demoted, we will have no chance at solutions. I welcome the bold discussion on progressive taxes, single-payer and justice in general. The term Modern Monetary Theory may even get more chance to be discussed. Our money is created at will by the Fed which is controlled by private banking institutions for the purpose of gaining huge profits through creation of debt. I’m starting to hear discussion of this recently; it doesn’t have to be this way.

So, go for it Bernie, Elizabeth, Alexandria, and the Green New Deal!


Framing words and phrases and short-hand sloganeering greatly benefits the lazy and inept MSM. " She’s a radical lefty with wild and crazy ideas and that’s all you need to know " is just so much easier for them to end that conversation, and others like why " endless war ", before they start. The 24/7 " zooming " takes precedence.
Instead of investigation and examination of the tax codes, progressive taxation proposals and regulations and excessive corporate profiteering ( stranded costs & externalities ) etc., the MSM would rather peddle $50K automobiles and $10K winter vacations to equatorial private resorts.
It’s there job apparently to promote nothing more than celebrity and sports entertainment, wrapped around info-mercials and the mundane everyday fare of car crashes, police pursuits and endless re-runs of people’s reaction to residential house fires.
The MSM could solve the ??s of the various tax code rejiggering proposals by simply doing a 99s’ costs vs. benefits analysis. As we (8) discussed this very thing last night, a middle income (72K yearly ) salesman put it this way, " Just figure out what it will take to have Americans live like they do in Sweden, and bill me. I won’t be angry because I’ve visited there and I know how well-cared for and happy most of the people are ".
Will this progressive tax code cure all our country’s ills, we asked? "Hell no, but it improves the lives of the 99s’ immensely, without a doubt ". That’s the heart of the question ( in a Portland public house anyway ), right?
Our MSM will dicuss Russiagate for a year around plugs for unaffordable cars, vacations, healthcare and what not. While fair-minded women, like politicians in our representative gov’t, ask politely if we could possibly have an honest examination of the overall affects of a 73% marginal tax rate on incomes above $3 million dollars a year.
A sizeable majority of Americans want this discussion on the topic of tax fairness and the possible trade-offs. They’re being told by the MSM to " move along, nothing to see here ". Or worse, as the endless gabfest about Trump’s wall proves, your concerns aren’t as important as the daily soap opera of a drama king posing as POTUS, is. This is pure bullshit and Americans are simply tired of the constant TV hoodwinking. This we know, will end badly and possibly violently, if the country does not have this and other, serious policy discussions.
Just sayin’.


What’s so stunning today is that Paul Krugman has actually stood up for the working class now. WHERE WERE YOU, PAUL, when the CONS were soaking us, stripping us of powers, taking away Financial Protections to an extreme? Where were you when Dodd-Frank Bill was being whitewashed by the Financial TOOLS who controlled Chris Dodd and Barney Frank? We needed your voice then, and all you could do was tout statements that made the Center of the AISLE look like a FAR RIGHT Policy line. You screwed us then. Now you’ve decided to claim some sanity? HA. You know where you can place it, Krugman!!!


AMEN, elbruco!!!


You know, there are plenty of people in the middle of the country, labeled ‘right-wing deplorables’ by HRC and people here, who say many of those same words. They don’t trust the MSM TV news, believing that it slants things leftwardly. They talk about things coming to bad situations, maybe involving violence, so they cling to their guns.

Are you prepared to have a discussion with them, or only to them?


Those that declare these ideas too extreme are in fact individuals opposed to the concept of Democracy. This very much like those founding fathers who did not want a Democracy. They were the 1 percent and wanted a system where the wealth of the 1 percent was to be protected from what they referred to as “the Mob”.

They feared that were the USA to become a Democracy , the people would demand a fair share of the Nations wealth.


Well, I’ll talk to anyone about the interpretation of the facts. But, if their pre-clearance rules of facts is that the media " is left-leaning "; well, we’re not going to get very far. Why? Because there’s simply no proof of their assertion.
Incidentally; these folks are a drywall contractor, a stone mason, a small restaurant owner, a mgr. of a restaurant, a HVAC foreman, a salesman of recreation equipment, a community college student counselor and a parts mgr. for a renewable energy business.
So, there are no people doing similar things in your Midwest states, region or cities? I know there are single and married folks who make between $55K and $90K living and working there.
So, why do they follow right wing talking points about your " left leaning media " assertion at face value? Maybe because they are the minority of the population who just don’t like what they hear? That would be one of my guesses, anyway.


“Warren and AOC are radical”…yes indeed !

As in “in an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is considered a radical act” - George Orwell

Alexandria’s initials are already on their way to becoming a household word. By the time she is 30 AOC will be as recognizable as TR, FDR, JFK, LBJ, MLK and others who have risen to the challenges of their era !


Brent Bozell of Media Research Center builds a database of evidence that the Main Stream Media is left-leaning. Of what you might call ‘of the Demo-publican variety’. I am sure there are left people of Media Matters and such who do the same documenting of right-leaning-ness and fake news that they take exception to.

Perhaps because they have different values than you do. The biggest examples right now might be the Mormons cutting ties with the Boy Scouts, that there are three Lutheran Churches who believe different things, that Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews differ on what Jewish values are, and more.

And this is a forum that honors minority rights.
This is a nation conceived in [individual] liberty, which matters as much, perhaps more, than ‘democracy’. To honor the concepts of Justice Brandeis, Vermont has rights and authority to explore adopting a single payer health system, and the rest of us have rights and authority to NOT go that way, according to our choice.


This is a nation conceived in [individual] liberty, which matters as much, perhaps more, than ‘democracy’. To honor the concepts of Justice Brandeis, Vermont has rights and authority to explore adopting a single payer health system, and the rest of us have rights and authority to NOT go that way, according to our choice.

It was NOT founded on the concept of individual liberty. the Constitution was a property rights document intended to ensure property and those that held it was sacrosanct. There was no “individual Liberty” for Blacks, First nations peoples , women or servants that were considered in debt having to work off their debt.

The very idea that you can have “individual liberty” while restricting it to some small few is nonsense.


It was more than some “small few”. The Decl. of Independence declared our individual and collective liberty, free from rule by the king in distant London and by his appointed officials.

The Constitution was intended to secure our liberty, better than what the Articles of Confederation had done in the previous 6 years. Your statement of who was left out is mostly correct, but the founders still intended to secure liberty for themselves and people of their own communities. ‘People’ was defined a bit narrower than we would today, but still more than a ‘small few’. The dissonance between statement and actuality has led to broadening who enjoys freedom and liberty in our country.


Brent Bozell?? R U Effin’ kidding me? That right wing running lackey dog for the Neo-Fascists in the Christian Fundamentalist Movement? The guy is more frightening than Trump’s hairdo.
I was born at night but it wasn’t last night. You can form your own country wherever you prefer, but you are about 18% of this one so the only way you’d get this one is by fraud, force or both.


Yeah and Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. Your founding fathers were working on extending Liberty to all is just another myth people tell themselves because it makes them feel warm and cozy. Do tell what “liberty” was granted to the people that they did not already have outside replacing the Kings with the Oligarchs?

You do know the Bill of rights was lifted almost directly from the English bill Of Rights written some 80 years earlier?

As to the Declaration of Independence

Do you know what this was about?

He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

Do you know what this was about?

He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

Do you know what this was about?

For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies

Do you know what this was about?

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions

I will not go through every passage, but the Declaration of Independence was as much a Declaration of Imperialism and Tyranny as those First Nations peoples living in the Ohio Territories were soon to find out. They declared their “Independence” so that they had the “liberty” to commit genocide against the First nations peoples and steal their lands.


The solution to global warming has been found! wait for it…wait for it…
Air travel must be reduced more than 90% in 5 years. Think about it and decide.

Question Internal Combustion:
Hydrogen stored at lower combustible pressures for use in plug-in hybrid
is more practical than for use in fuel cell EVs? Who woulda thunk it?


"I agree with Alexandria, so happy Elizabeth’s consumer protection, so sad being dismantled. But something eludes me: If corporations are people, why do they not pay the same rates as people? Are they playing a game of Aesop’s fables?

When the war among the birds of the air fighting creatures of the ground, a bat was captured by the birds. Said the bat, " I’m a bird just like you because I fly." The birds set him free. Then the bat was grabbed by the animals, but the bat said, " Oh no, I’m a mammal like you, as bats give live birth." Eventually the birds and animals figured out why deceiving bats only come out at night.
Corporate America, to legitimize the bat tale saying you are people
yet not living as people, a story as old as Aesop’s fable.


FACT-check: it WAS only a “small few” who had “liberty”: unless you thibnk that the 6% who could vote in the first U.S> presidential election is a big number. Even all WHITE MEN did NOT have voting rights!!! It took until 1856 for WHITE MEN who did NOT OWN PROPERTY to get voting rights. Black men, women of ALL races (52% of population), Indigenous/Native American people, Mexican living in places like Texas, New Mexico & California—NONE of them had voting rights.

The Constitution PROTECTED PROPERTY far more than PEOPLE…which is how an OBSCENITY like the 14th Amendment to the Bill of Rights—intended to affirm & protect the rights of newly freed formerly ENSLAVED BLACK PEOPLE has been DISTORTED to create so-called Corporate “persons” who are given MORE rights than ACTUAL human beings.