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'Extremists' Like Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Actually Closer to What Most Americans Want


“That’s soak-the-rich, prosperity-killing insanity, conservatives claimed.”

It’s not only the right wing that does it - the right liberal bloc that controls the Democrat Party constantly positions itself as ‘moderate’ vs. what it casts as identical extremes of left/right.

Watch for it to increase as 2020 nears.


greedy opportunists like liebermans who lacks any moral compass but for his desire for money from lobbyists and attempted to switch parties just so he can stay on the public dole as long as possible – that’s what is wrong with our political system where despicable people like that actually have a voice…


The big question is why isn’t the author talking about Bernie? An excellent point about what is and is not radical is undermined by two very shady things: (1) the way she ignores Bernie, and two the big difference between AOC and Warren. What’s that difference? Answer: in 2016, AOC was volunteering for the Sanders campaign while Warren was a no show/hypocrite whose fence sitting during an obviously rigged contest on multiple levels amounted to a betrayal of all the policies Warren has made her reputation pretending to stand up for. She didn’t stand up for them in 2016 but AOC did. Then it was the organization created by Bernie staffers inspired by his campaign that sponsored AOC’s campaign and it was Bernie’s campaign that AOC emulated. Heck even Warren herself is copying him now in shuttering her SuperPAC. Given all this, to paint Bernie out of the picture and put Warren there instead is patently dishonest. I would have said “Yeah!” To the reframing of what people call radical. But now instead I give this piece a loud “Boooo.”