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Exxon and Tillerson Accused of Frauding Investors Over Climate Risks


Exxon and Tillerson Accused of Frauding Investors Over Climate Risks

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

ExxonMobil is being accused of using "sham" accounting to "mislead" investors about the likely financial risks posed by climate change, which New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said was evidence of potentially "wide-ranging fraud" executed under the direction of former CEO and current U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.


Fraud was a crime only until New Deal regulations that made fraud a crime were decriminalized under the guise of "deregulation" during the 1990s.


These jokers are now dropping the other shoe(s) they themselves planted while their 'buddies' stir up the components for 'concrete booties' to don on long walks off short piers into deep shit.


Tillerson to his executive assistant: "Where is the other set of documents regarding climate change? No, not that one, the other one. There are more where they came from anyway. Never mind, I have another set in my wall safe at the Wyly Ranch. Call for a flight to Bartonville...ASAP. And tell them to saddle my horse when I get there...I will need the fresh air before the hearings begin."


Fascism is as fascism does!


T-rex goes beyond fascism...he prefers totalitarianism with Exxon-Mobil the state for all to pledge loyalty...any disloyalty is not tolerated and severely punished. Look at the sociopath's face reflecting deep, abiding cruelty....


Little difference between ExxonMobil and the Mafia.

Indeed, Capitalism is merely organized crime.

And, I think we've noticed by now that it is also suicidal for the planet and humanity.


If folks haven't figured out by now that the government is a criminal organization run by criminals, sorry. Capitalism is predatory and we citizens are the prey to be plundered by the largest group of slimy criminals, ever. The big problem is how to fight it. The fine folks wanting to save the forests have cops spraying concentrated pepper spray directly in eyes at point blank range, beatings, arrests, long jail terms, and that doesn't include the murders by cops with no accountability, at all. These same CEO's are now at the helm directly. No more time is being wasted by the revolving door between business and the state, they have taken over and WILL murder Earth and all her creatures. Watch a Petrie dish with mold or bacteria. At first they thrive, then as there source of food,(resources) run out they start to die until it's just an empty dish of dead organisms. Humans and their industrial masters are doing the same thing and the results will be the same unless it's stopped soon. We need real action before it's too late.


Not a problem. Exxon probably figured that it could disembowel regulations, or that it could avoid having to fully comply with them.

How does one price the death of a planet anyway?


When we see the rise of the right wing, we understand that it is happening based on
violence, primarily ... but also intimidation, force, bullying -- lies, stolen elections.
We've had all of that over the last 50-60 years, at least.

The US government began in violence and it will continue on in violence, imo.
Our Founders dedicated the nation to serve Elite Patriarchy and gave them immense
influence and control over our "people's" government.

We have truly insane people in control of our MIC which can only be called . . .
"War for Empire and Monetary Profit."

As has been seen in the past, eventually these fascists are coming for all of us.
We either work to protect all of humanity or we will be unable to protect ourselves.


Hard to know who has the longest list of lawsuits against them throughout their extremely flawed lives and careers -- Trump or Freddie Boy.