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Exxon Claims First Amendment Rights to Fight Climate Fraud Investigation


Exxon Claims First Amendment Rights to Fight Climate Fraud Investigation

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

ExxonMobil is attempting to evade a growing investigation into its campaign to suppress science about climate change, asking a federal court this week to throw out a subpoena that would force the oil giant to hand over decades of documents to a coalition of state attorneys general.

In its filing with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas in Fort Worth, Exxon argued that the subpoena from Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey violated Constitutional amendments on free speech, equal protection, and unreasonable search and seizure.


US courts have already established that political campaigns can legally lie and not be sued or charged for it.

Don't be shocked if that Constitutional "liberty" is formally extended to corporations when this case climbs through the courts.


Freedom and freedom of speech appear often as 'reasons' for actions and thought.
However, freedom only makes sense as a concept within the context of socially responsible action. Socially responsible action is truthful and authentically engages in public discourse to help make conditions better for everyone.
Absolute freedom is not embedded in social responsibility and can therefore be nihilistic, narcissistic, power-mongering, and socially destructive.
Exxon, and all the other power brokers of raw capitalism demand absolute freedom and place this entitlement above and beyond social responsibility. Their very existence depends on this autocratic, dominating, antidemocratic demand.
Find politicians who recognize the primary need to legislate honesty back into our world. There is no society with absolute freedom. Real freedom starts when economic activities are accountable and transparent to the people served by that business! Cooperation NOT competition!!!


Well corporations are people, right, so they have these First Amendment rights to free speech.......even if their acts threaten all humankind and Mother Earth Herself! Ever since the right-wing, corporate-friendly (gotta protect that vulture capitalist system!) scotus proclaimed corporations to be people, with all the rights thereof, and money equal to "free-speech, we have been sliding downward at an ever increasing pace. More and more corporate rape and pollution of our Mother with little or no accountability - such is the role of corrupt politicians, to protect corporate profits at any cost!

I never saw a corporation given a prison sentence. The actual people who determine corporate directions and policy have also evaded any real accountability for a wide variety of sins, and even corrupted regulation of destructive, deadly and lethal practices. - no justice for "corporate personhood" other than slap-on-the-wrist fines amounting to pennies on the dollar of profits - those passed-along to consumers, and the fines tax-deductible - what a loving racket and conspiracy between corporate/banker/wall street, government and courts!

Corporate directors have gotten off scott-free, especially under the Obama administration do-nothing "Justice" Department - Eric Holder should be held in contempt and jailed himself for complicity - as should the great "progressive" fraud Barack Obama! The entire mother-loving system is a goddamn fraud and organized corruption!

Hey, what's a little fallout, eh? Have a nice day!


There is something that this situation made me think of: what is a private citizen and what is a public citizen? Two very seperate questions that stem from the same information. In my lifetime, I have watched American citizens go from private citizens to publice citizens, i.e.: having gainable access to all information about the citizen. On the other hand, the public citizen has become the private citizen, i.e.: this article is my proof, not that I couldnt fill this forum with other evidence. If the Orwellian society can not be seen by all, then it is apperent that propagand, excuse me, public relations (an Edward Bernays creation) is trully succinct. But so much so that only Orwellians, such as myself, can see. How is it you can find out about the sex offender next door, but you have to go to court to find out about toxic waste this other citizen is dumping in the water your child is drinking. I truly get that we are supposed to see our neighbors as our enemies, but when is that going to be set aside to actually protect our children. Rember, corporations are "Legion", few and many, yet your local criminal is one. The more our politicians and public relation firms use us against each other, they harm more people than any one person could ever do, even the most horrid rapist, (a woman by the way that had raped 30 children). Yet parents will turn around and feed their children cancerous based food items, enough sugar to give them diabetes, water laced with lead and the whole time, the corporation knows. I get that rape and murder are terrible, but when will our citizens that grab pitch forks going to take real responsibility? Maybe if we didnt live in a fearful myopic bubble, things could change...but not like this. Its funny, in Sex Offender treatment, they are taught, "no more victims". So when do the citizens of this country catch on to what the worst of the worst are supposed to abide by? Why should we expect better from them when we cant give them a good role model to follow? Why would ANY criminal have ANY desire to do better, or do people really think that their neighbors are truly evil, and corps/politicians arent? Look up the Franklin cover up, the Kansas City rape that Anonymous had to step in to give justice. Why is it that politicians can rape children and everything be ok because they apologize on tv? These are my questions I want anwsers to. Why is it ok for parents to posion their children and turn around and expect someone to treat their little ones with ANY respect when they show none? As usual, corporate crime will go unpunished, political crime will go unpunished, politicians that are absolutly criminal will go unpunished...suffer the little children, for this is the world we give to them.


Than if corporations are people, where are their genitalia?


If lying were to be treated as truly fully illegal, advertising would be indicted, commercial pitchpersons would be prosecuted.


The First Amendment does not protect fraudulent statements or lying to investors. Attorneys General have a good chance of getting Exxon on the same grounds as big tobacco and coal's Blankenship.



In the colonoscopy business...


Texas and Alabama the bastion of willful ignorance, dumb shit bible thumping, money worshiping oxymoron wingnuts. Of course their attorneys general would dutifully obey their corporate masters at Exxon.


I am thunderstruck at finding out that candidates for political office are not legally accountable for deliberately lying to the people to enhance their chances of getting elected.


"The sane among us" clearly not including MM in La Mesa.


Also, "climate skeptics"? Exxon is a "climate skeptic"? BP is a "climate skeptic"?

Your bias is not just showing, it's all you got.


I think this one is a waste of breath. Joined 2 days ago, two comments, one more idiotic than the other, one pro corporate ignorance, the other racist blather.......both demonstrate a steady diet of Faux news....or worse.


What might happen if the query is framed in terms of 'lobytilia"


Emphyrio's post is right on. This law allows foreign entities to control the govenment with bribes. Foreigners have more infuence than the U:S. electorate. And this disaster is not just "right wing". Hillary Clinton has 20% of her campaign money coming from the Saudis.


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The "Great Irony" in this case is not that ExxonMobil acknowledged the risks of climate change for over a decade, it is that ExxonMobil hid that finding to it's stockholders, covered up those findings and further funded misinformation to deny there was a risk to the climate by burning fossil fuels. Lying to stockholders can't be construed as freedom of speech. Hiding the facts that your product is harmful to consumers is not freedom of speech.


I'd bet that's why the bill was killed. They realized they better abandon it before it destroys them.


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