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Exxon Faces Questions Over Climate as Gates Dumps BP


Exxon Faces Questions Over Climate as Gates Dumps BP

Andy Rowell

The famous quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin is that “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.

Another certainty is that you know that the top executives of controversial companies absolutely hate the one day in the year that they are accountable to their shareholders: the AGM.


Definitely a boost in the right direction:

"Along with Chevron, the board of Exxon is being urged by over 1,000 leading academics from some of the world’s top Universities to vote in favour of resolutions which are demanding greater openness by the oil giants on how climate change impacts their business strategy."

Protests. Pressure from the academic world. Divestment campaigns... and of course, the disasters issuing forth from an Earth that's WAY out of balance.

Will the oil barons change course? Or will their efforts finally be countered by an engaged world citizenry not willing to allow a relative handful of ridiculously privileged persons to sign their death warrants?

"Survivor" meets the International "Reality Show."


Wow, a whole $187 billion! So how big is this drop in the BP oil bucket. Just a question but how much do they hold in other fossil fuel stocks? And what does this action have to do with Exxon. What does it have to do with the oil industry's collusion in with holding their scientists' findings on burning fossil fuels and the disasterous effects on climate. I am very suspicious of Bill and Melinda Gates. Read "Dark Money."


the reserve currency, the petrodollar, has been the stepping stone for entrenched "enlightenment" based power structures that eliminated the core meaning of enlightenment, hence endarkenment of human societies the world over. This latest form of scrubbing efficacy from oikos / economic integrity is coming full circle - back to pre-industrial premises of ideologically based colonization.

James Kwak's take on The Committee to Save the World drawn from a linked Time article from 1999 in his post. Chilling.


Its $187 MILLION, not "billion", notwistalemon.

Gates' fortune, plus the money Buffet handed the foundation doesn't come close to $187 billion.

When will Gates divest in Monsanto ?


I want to know how they reinvested the divested funds. Did the Gates Foundation reinvest those funds in Monsanto (thanks raydelcamino), Con-Agra, Phizer? It's not too likely that kind of money was reinvested in non-imperial activity, especially by Gates.