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Exxon’s Energy Outlook PR Stunt

Exxon’s Energy Outlook PR Stunt

Lorne Stockman

Another year and another Exxon energy outlook report reassuring the world’s energy wonks and policy makers that business as usual is here to stay. Should anyone be under the illusion that a clean energy revolution might be just around the corner, or that the world may just get its carbon emissions under control enough to prevent the kind of catastrophic consequences climate science has for decades been warning us about, worry no more. Exxon has the data and analysis that proves that we really are on the road to disaster.

Not only are truth tellers often perceived as heretics, genuine visionaries are often laughed off stage until their inventions catch fire… or in this case, generate energy without fuel.

Dr. Steven Greer has been speaking about on both free energy and The Disclosure Movement for some time. The fact that Pope Francis made a comment to the effect that if there were aliens, he would baptize them, is also significant.

Fox TV is bringing back a few X-File episodes that happen to touch on these touchstones. Free energy DOES exist and it has existed for some time.

As Alex Jones likes to say–“The elites use predictive programming to put what they’re up to out in plain sight.” Typically, it’s disguised as sci-fi or fiction.

Check this out:

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The X Files, was the beginning of the real attempt to X -pose… the elites… the suppressors… I did watch the first new one… missed the second…
I will say though that … I will have to watch more… to decide… but also, sometimes, I wonder if all the shows that have been coming out …like this… .aren’t a way for us down here to expend our need for revolution… instead of hitting the streets OR drastically changing out behavior, we end up on the couch, cozy in our homes fueled by… what ever… and all our frustrations are expressed through these shows…
just a thought…


Check out this one:

Okay, no speakers on my desk top computer… (new laptop broke so… getting fixed).
So, I’ll watch it on my phone… I am very intrigued… thanks… Siouxrose1
… and hope to talk to your soon, about more …stuff…

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I love the way this article marshals facts and analysis to refute those in the ExxonMobil outlook–rather than relying on suspicions and supposed motivations and associations.

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Exxon should “F” off. If we could reduce & eventually eliminate our dependence on oil, it would put those companies out of business.