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Exxon Shareholders are Resisting — Here’s Why It Matters


Exxon Shareholders are Resisting — Here’s Why It Matters

Kelly Mitchell

ExxonMobil held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for shareholders in Dallas, Texas today. This event draws attention from activists each year, and Greenpeace certainly wasn’t going to miss the party. In the days leading up to Exxon’s investor prom, we put up billboards and flew our airship with a warning to financial audiences and concerned citizens alike — we all pay the price for Exxon’s greed.


Money Talks

And Bull$hit Walks!

Start walking Donnie.


Black rock can talk social responsibility till the (farting) cows come home.

One thing will determine Exxon's next move: price per share.


This is an excellent development, albeit years in the making.

The market has been trending towards the obvious, Fossil Fuel Futures are devaluing specifically due to the recognition by the world that we are being killed by this industry.

Hence, we are seeing divestment and a valuation crash continuing to grow.

Can't wait to see this same process take down Monsanto.