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Exxon Waiver to Drill in Russia Rejected by Treasury Department


Exxon Waiver to Drill in Russia Rejected by Treasury Department

Nika Knight, staff writer

Exxon has not been granted a waiver to bypass U.S. sanctions and partner with a Russian oil company to drill in the Baltic Sea.

In a one-page statement Friday, the Treasury Department announced that the decision was made in consultation with President Donald Trump.


Who'da thought?


Thanks to sanctions, Russia's oil industry is booming.


The tx_p troll is at it again:

More on Duran.com from Media Bias/Fact Check: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-duran/

The Duran


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A "come to Jesus" moment to be sure. Someone told T & T that their impunity would not go unpunished and the backlash would make it very difficult for them to get the other items on their egregious agenda (tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations) rammed through. Altruism was not a motivating factor in this decision but the outcome is still acceptable, until they try the next time. This will not stop them from poking the slumbering beast.


Don't worry, in a couple of months, when the heat is off, this will be quietly signed in a back office in the White House, without much fanfare.


So nice when they have to turn on their own for political survival.

Cannibalism does fit with this administrations tactics


Jackals that they are, they will chew off pieces of each other just for sport, especially when their territory is threatened or invaded. The pack only unifies for feasting on carrion and mating.... (Although jackals are the "clean-up crew" in the regions they occupy in Asia, Africa and SE Europe and are part of the circle of life. They serve a vital purpose unlike the "jackal-like" creeps in the WH.)

I would add parasitism to cannibalism...for that which they cannot completely consume, they slowing drain out the life thereof.


I actually think the saving grace is that they're so individually self-centered. Each of them wants only what profits himself, so of course there will be conflicts between those interests. Tillerson may have gone to Moscow specifically to fix this for Exxon. But there's no profit in it for djt or Mnuchin, and they saw the dangers to themselves, so they nixed it. Pence was sent off to Asia, with his women, to start with staring down NKorea. He wanted to go because he thought Easter weekend would be the ideal time for the Rapture, and he wanted to be at the heart of it, if not the trigger. Nobody knew just where the Vinson strike group was because it wasn't supposed to be an issue. Notice how little you've heard from Pence since he had to wander on off to other Asian countries? Will be interesting to see what's next.


The capitalist vultures are circling slowly each wanting a bigger piece of profit pie before crashing into flaming disaster taking a big portion of Earth's inhabitants including greedy humans along with it. Exxon isn't done, not yet anyway as the fine folks in the administration slowly reenter the private sector with new lax rules firmly in place, they will begin again feasting on the carcasses, or what's left of them, until nothing is left to nourish Earth's survivors.The dystopian writers got it right when portraying the end times of humanity.


Came here to say the exact same thing. They will get this done, one way or another. It's who they are, and people be damned.


Not familiar with The Duran, or the claim made by the referenced poster. However, the premise makes some sense. It is not a matter of opinion but of fact that Russian energy firms have dozens of joint development agreements with Exxon-Mobile, as well as other US and western energy behemoths. What is suspect in the referenced comment is not the constriction on technological resources, but the more important effect on financial resources. Developing oil and gas fields and building pipelines are hugely expensive and the sanctions, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia's purposeful bottoming of the global oil market has put a hurtin' on the Russian economy (so dependent as they are on their oil and gas sector.)

What I meant about the plausibility of tx-p's comment was that because of the de facto embargos, sanctions, and blockades of the alternative energy industry here (compared to the favoritism purchased by the ff industry in the US Congress,) the various alternative energy sectors out of necessity are engineering their way to cost parity with fossil fuels without the crutch of friendly government/corporate subsidy. They are succeeding in the face of hostile competition; still a long way to go though.