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#ExxonKnew About Climate Change and ExxonKnows How to Use Trade Deals to Get Its Way


#ExxonKnew About Climate Change and ExxonKnows How to Use Trade Deals to Get Its Way

Ilana Solomon

Public outrage has been brewing about the fact that ExxonMobil—one of the the world’s biggest oil companies—knew about climate change as early as 1977 and yet promoted climate denialism and actively deceived the public by turning “ord


Let’s remember to include former Sen. “Snowball” Coburn and pals in our ire!


The stranglehold held by Big Oil is a serious impediment.

Due to the coup in Brazil, right wing lunatics who want to destroy the Amazon and drill for more oil are now in charge.

This, from yesterday’s article by Conn Hallinan:

“Petrobras is the fourth largest company in the world. It’s building tankers, offshore platforms, and refineries. That expansion has opened huge opportunities for graft, and the level of bribery involved could exceed $3 billion. Nine construction companies are implicated in the scandal, as well as more than 50 politicians, legislators, and state governors, from the PMDB as well as the Workers Party.”

In other words, it’s not just a U.S.-Canada problem.


President Johnson received the first presidential report on global warming in 1966, fifty years ago. That report was accurate enough to still be valid today.

The limits of growth was published in the early 1970’s.

Yes Exon knew about impending climate collapse and human extinction decades ago. Almost anyone who can read has known about this for a long time. Everyone also knew cigarets are bad. Those who propagandized to plant doubt are criminals and should be locked up for life.


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