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ExxonMobil CEO is Trump's "Favorite" for Secretary of State: Reports


ExxonMobil CEO is Trump's "Favorite" for Secretary of State: Reports

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson has reportedly risen to the top of President-elect Donald Trump's list for secretary of state nominees, according to new reports.


Tillerson + "Still on the list are former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, who has called for the bombing of Iran; Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), and retired Navy Admiral James Stavridis."
Is there a shred of decency or sanity among the lot?


The Anthropocene = Greenhouse Mass Extinction Event #6

I think it's time to dust off a few of my archive articles on greenhouse mass extinctions, which is precisely what we the human race are manufacturing right now, with other anthropogenic factors thrown in to make this one unique - all our own so to speak.

I just had a minor revelation this morning, in responding to a couple of replies on a previous Common Dreams article on climate change.

We do not require consensus on climate change, and in any case we cannot afford to wait for consensus.

Our top scientists, in both the climate field and in biology, are de-facto the only 'war leaders' capable of addressing this accelerating mass extinction event in any meaningful way.

Kyoto, the United Nations climate accords - were and are consensus agreements - lowest common denominator statements bereft of the immediacy and magnitude of the species extinction event now unfolding.

Bullshit - when what we need is victory.


Why this fanatical obsession of the new Trump government with oil-capitalists? Setting the catastrophic environmental and climate implications aside for the moment, the very idea of a US economy based on resource exploitation and export is a formula for economic catastrophe and mass impoverishment. The industry itself is one of perpetual wild booms and busts as the prices rise and crash by hundreds of percent - the workers becoming more impoverished, the wealthy more wealthy - with each turn of the boom-bust ratchet.

It's time for Revolution.


They are all crazy! But they do not know it because like in an insane asylum, insane people mingle with other insane people. Or like the old saying: birds of a feather, flock together.


No, they are crazy like a fox. They know what they are doing. They are organized; we are not.


I just viewed the Democracy Now video with Noam Chomsky & Harry Belafonte.

Harry related a question he was asked by some Harlem residents, young people I believe. As Harry is approaching 90 years of age (March 1, 2017), they wanted to know what Harry was still looking for ?

Mr. Belafonte's answer (from memory):

"What I have always been looking for - the rebel heart."


Yes. And I suspect that we have plenty of rebel hearts and passion, but it is all wasted with no organization.


But not to fear; Ivanka will save the world.


If they know what they are doing, that only makes them more insanely, greedy.


If I remember correctly, Drumpf said he wanted to just take Iraq's oil. He also said he would bomb the shit out of Iran with the slightest provocation (although I do not think he will require any provocation, or, he will Trump one up himself). Think Hillary was a warmonger? Just wait until Drumpf gets his hands on the military. Tillerson as SOS is a step in that direction. We may very well find ourselves embroiled in WWIII to free the world from US.


Yes, the Democratic Party bourgie-liberals like Maddow continue their utterly dysfunctional ways, but right now, we have somewhat more important matters on the domestic front down here.

Regarding Putin and Assad, not every humanitarian crime in the world is the doing of the USA. Putin and Assad are torturing and murdering thugs. Great war crimes are underway in Alleppo, and once Assad prevails again in Syria, the killings and repression of all dissent is going to be catastrophic - a repeat of Argentina in 1976 at a minimum. The multi-billionaire Oligarch Putin, and Assad, are not leftists, they are not anti-imperialists. They are not friends of the left.

But yes, economic sanctions by states are completely counterproductive - they only harm a nations people - not the dictator or thugs ruling over them. The only legitimate "sanctions" are organized, targeted boycotts by non-state popular organizations.

Life is complicated. We can speak out strongly, and organize against humanitarian criminals Putin, Assad, Duterte AND the humanitarian crimes of the US (and Israel) too.


Jon Huntsman seems qualified by background and temperament to be Secretary of State. All of the other candidates floated so far would be incompetent, but maybe that doesn't matter much in this administration. Even W. Bush's cabinet, which was full of losers, had qualified people at State.


Pick your poison.... Donald or Hillary?
Another General, Billionaire, or Corporate/Wall Street Global-Vore for Sec. of State?


Donald --- Please make America Great Again... Please take us back to the days of a New Industrialization.... where there were no labor laws, no child labor laws, no minimum wage, no protection for the environment, no protection for the Bison or for Indigenous peoples.....No need for Public Education either....Please take us back to when America ruled the globe militarily....Let us again carry a big stick...and again let us encamp peoples that we hope to blame for the troubles of our country...Yes Donald and your new crew will accomplish that........Big Government to serve Corporate America, Corporate Earth....Yep with more military spending to protect Corporate America, Earth Corporate......Yep DT you Faux-Populist...may your Campaign Pledges come back to you and may the People Rise up against you once they learn the real DT in play.....


The nightmare gets worse. I am 68 and I have never seen such an appalling cabinet being formed or the other appointments and nominations that are being considered. If the U.S. wasn't a pariah before the world it surely will be once this gang of extremist scumbags gets into power. I am deeply ashamed of this country.


You do know that this "effective' way of both of the Assads - going back to 1970 - included torture and extrajudicial executions of Syrian activists and dissidents, right? Remember your Maher Arrar?

So, is it safe to say that you believe that imprisonment for free expression of political opposition, torture and extrajudicial executions are legitimate things for a nation's leader to be doing?

I expect a direct and non-dissembling answer - yes or no.


Curious, can you remind me again, using documented facts, what this "criminal record" of Hillary Clinton is again?


This is great. Totally agree. Until we see the decommissioning of freeways, 40-hour work weeks, mass societal traditions and conveniences, we will continue to cling to reduction targets and then no one notices when we zip past them.


Don't I just love it?! Trump's disdain of us "regular" people, just reeks! His cabinet picks for sure, smack of "GOTCHA!" No bigger smirky grin, I once thought, could beat that of a certain SCOTUS Justice, Roberts. Upon His Honor's confirmation, back during W's reign over big oil's overseas "businesses", Robert's smile for the news cameras, I swear, looked just like he had just pulled-off a fantastic scam. A sickly emptiness hit me hard when news of the Sec of State pick became one of the "top ten most wanted". Killing of Planet Earth's bio-diversity has to be red line here.

The faces of the electoral college electors have just been Trump-punked. And Trump knows that each and every electoral college elector is supposed to rubber-stamp his "win" (at least, that has always been). Will Trump become prez, December 19? If his picks for his "management team" are NOT symptomatic of a call-out to a fight - call me paranoid. He's gearing-up to do the one thing that he knows how to do well - to run America as a money-making business - or ruin America. Either way we lose big. I hope most of America wakes up in time - and NOT go along. Will the electors elect him without a whimper? Without a word? Apparently we are witnessing a bitter change of America into a Democracy-less business model based on a bullying, on a joking, on a benevolent-seeming tyrant, it seems. The work of the Water Protectors and all Mother Earth Protectors has never been needed so much, this time. The morals of a Mother Teresa and nothing less, has long since left America, but not so with: The Vets, Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, Nurses United and others. I think we may just squeak by on this, because those willing to brave Love over hate, will prevail on down the road.

Corporate mass media, no thanks for the sharks, bullies, conmen, freaks and ..... whomever your talking heads promote. Wake-up. MSNBC, who is advising you, Fellini? (From the grave?) Yes? Federico's cast from "Satyricon" would barely win out in a horror contest here. lol - No thanks: CNN, NPR, WSJ, WaPo, Times. PBS, fox, CBS, NBC, CBC, Guardian. BUT THANKS to Common Dreams and the few dozen Indy Media sources left in America.