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ExxonMobil May Have Friends In High Places, But Fraud Is Not Constitutionally Protected


ExxonMobil May Have Friends In High Places, But Fraud Is Not Constitutionally Protected

Elliott Negin

When a handful of attorneys general launched investigations of ExxonMobil for climate fraud, I wonder if they had any idea that they would be attacked for attempting to stifle the company’s right of free speech.


Thank you for the informative piece, Mr. Negin.

If this matter lands before a compromised judge, it may not be decided in a manner that's commensurate with Truth or the Spirit of the Law.

Names often mean something so this attorney Strange comes up with the argument that asserts that inherent to free speech are protections for knowing lies that indeed cause major harm.

It should be remembered that the Spirit behind Affirmative Action was based on allotting to those who'd always been on the receiving end of limited options and extreme prejudice, a chance to get an academic education.

But the Affirmative Action Law has been challenged by some white boys (and sometimes girls) who allege that it operates in a manner prejudicial to their own interests and academic pursuits.

There will always be those persons to invert the intended spirit of a law to suit their own narrow objectives.

I PRAY that a court with a JUST justice gets to weigh in on this case. One can be sure that having introduced the Strange Argument, the battery of oil interests won't give up even if they lose in court. They know that Environmental groups don't have the financial reserves that they have; and they will force the matter back into court ad nauseum...

In fact, they're probably hoping for a Republican President so that the Supreme Court can once again be stacked 5-4 with Big Business ALWAYS deemed right (and thereby given the right to do harm, as usual).


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