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ExxonMobil – More than Fifty Proud Years of Melting Glaciers!


ExxonMobil – More than Fifty Proud Years of Melting Glaciers!!

Michael Winship

From the Department of “Time Makes Ancient Good Uncouth” comes this historical oddity, a double page advertisement from the February 2, 1962, issue of LIFE magazine (which featured a helmeted John Glenn on the cover as he prepared to become the first American astronaut to orbit the earth).


Oh the irony of it all. If ever a corporation deserved to die. #OffExxon


The days of innocence. Who knew we were on the verge of the Vietnam War, hippies, LSD, the Kennedy assassination, And, with little publicity, the Congress looking into concerns about global warming.


I'm not sure why alternative news sites such as Common Dreams and most others are hesitant to mention that Exxon and many other US and British oil companies are operating in Iraq, something that would not be possible without the phony war on terrorism. We went into Afghanistan to subdue the recalcitrant Taliban who wouldn't let the CENTGAS/TAPI pipelines to be constructed. Enron had a power plant in Dabhol, India that needed that gas, the power plant and Exxon went bankrupt, the manager, Clifford Baxter, was found dead with a bullet in his head.

Why oh why is the alternative media following the lead of the mainstream media and refusing to discuss the real reasons we went to war? What about Cheney's secret energy meeting where they were looking at maps of Iraq oil fields. The media won't allow any debate on the myriad "coincidences" and incongruities that happened regarding 9/11. This utter failure to dare to discuss the overwhelming physical evidence of controlled demolitions has led us to the brink of WWIII and Exxon's role is not insignificant in the phony war on terrorism. The oil companies were the benefactors.

Here are the oil companies in Iraq, why is the general public ignorant on this?


I think the equation comes down to ALL of the following:

  1. OIL
  2. Maintaining the petro-dollar's global dominance
  3. The "need" on the part of the Arms' Industries to "move product"
  4. The bankers' lust for war as historical profit-making venture
  5. The Project for a New American Century's authors' wet dream (i.e. "regime change")
  6. Closing in Russia through yet more M.E. base-building enterprises
  7. That war abroad allows for greater tyranny at home (enter: The 24/7 surveillance Homeland Security State)


My guess: Don't mess with Cheney.