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ExxonMobil Takes The Olympic Gold In Deceitful Advertising


ExxonMobil Takes The Olympic Gold In Deceitful Advertising

Jamie Henn

ExxonMobil wants you to know that it has a long “to-do” list.

In an ad it debuted during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on Friday night, the world’s largest oil company presented itself as nothing more than a merry band of do-gooders who were “mapping the oceans,” “turning algae into biofuel,” and “defeating malaria.”

“And you thought we just made the gas,” joked a woman at the end, giving us a knowing smile.


Another ad during the Olympic games (not sure it was Exxon) touted the notion of beaming solar energy from satellite arrays to collection/distribution plants on earth. This is how Exxon and their ilk portray the ideal use of solar energy, rather than simpler solar arrays on rooftops that can operate off the grid or complement the grid while keeping the lights on during emergency grid failure. It's a notable example of Disaster Capitalism. He who dies with the most money, wins!, right?


And the sooner the better. Problem is, they tend to linger on and on and on.


Imagine: instead of a sequence of athletic musical chair events where there is only one winner, which makes losers of everyone else...each nation in the world nominated their best biologist, engineer, teacher, musician, physician, etc. to a world games where the teams can, over the next four years, develop projects that will benefit humanity and our world. What could we be? What would our world look like with collaboration as a base instead of competition? That would be a global event I would surely support.


"Instead imagine a sequence of musical chair events with one winner only, making losers of all others. Each nation sends their best biologists, physicians, engineers, teachers, artists and musicians to a world games where teams over the coming years ahead."

Do what? Complain? Organize Sit-ins? Paddle craft flotillas?
Warren Buffett runs BNSF Wyoming coal and Dakota oils south
and east and now wants to do it west along National Scenic Area Columbia River Gorge.
Warren Buffett is one bad old fart. The engine that connects us, my ass.


Obviously you failed to address the full statement, if only to support your negative rant. Next time try reading to the end before abstracting.


Sorry. Here's the final quote edited, followed by another silly rant mostly meant as sarcasm.
"Develop projects that benefit humanity and the world. What could we be? What would our world be like with collaboration instead of competition? This would be a global event to support." My earlier comment referenced the first half of your poorly edited missive, as if in sarcasm your expressed thought could be better expressed edited. I go to rallys NOT to protest, but to 'propose' solutions, rather than complain, as it were.
That was my point. OTOH, between us, who makes the more pertinent point?
I'm only guessing your effort is juvenile, naïve, counter-productive, etc.
In the 80's I helped kill the 4 nuclear power plant projects of Wspps.
What's your claim to fame? Occassionally making some point clearly?


Well golly gosh and gee whillikers, I had no idea such an august personage would ever stoop to communicate with this poor unenlightened individual. How can I ever express my full gratitude for your pointing out the error of my ways? Expectoration, most likely. Had you shown what you deem as the "correct" manner of expressing my thoughts, instead of maligning the content with your ego-driven sense of self-importance, I would be more kindly disposed to your communication. I pity you, and your need to self-aggrandize.



Touche' Still, you didn't add a thing therefore I'm not wrong to suspect
you have what an actually productive environmental activist would
propose for energy alternatives, grid-tied transport systems, matched
to photovoltaic arrays, bio-fuel sources, transit systems, land-use
planning and development.
Nah. You just wanna get smart people in a room and have 'em
figure things out gooder, like with prizes. Hah!
Again, sarcasm and sass. Too bad.


And you also like to put words in people's mouths.
I see what that old saying means now.
That's a long name there FinnerBlatzian.
Are you related to the Ohio Seed Co FinnerBlatzians?
Mighty good seeds them Finnerblatzians half of the time.


Well, an-other might say, provided he wasn't arrogant and ignorant in equal parts, that wasn't such a bad idea. Well, an-other wouldn't be rude or abusive either.


Sarcasm and sass rhyme with iconoclasm and ass, both of which describe your behavior. Also, stepping on someone's ideas does not make you taller.


Look here, Finnerblatzin, you could view my editorializing as the
common practice to achieve clarity with brevity. I'm not stepping on your
ideas. I'm editing to find their core premise. When your responses become
little more than Trumpian insults, you'll burn yourself and others out
quickly and leave little of value behind.


How, pray tell does "effort is juvenile, naïve, counter-productive, etc. " qualify as editorializing? Face it, you are rude and I'll-mannered. Had you really intended to find value in my observation and suggestion for a more meaningful world games, you chose a vile and coarse path that seemed only to emphasize your grandiose opinion of yourself, whilst alienating a sincere individual.

You want to try again? Leave the bullshit and baggage at the door and enter honestly, without out guile or artifice.