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'Exxons of Agriculture' Wielding Power to Block Real Climate Solutions: Report


'Exxons of Agriculture' Wielding Power to Block Real Climate Solutions: Report

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Fertillizer companies are the "Exxons of agriculture" and are blocking beneficial climate climate policies with their massive lobbying power, a new report charges.


Historically, fields were allowed to go fallow so that nitrogen fixing plants could replenish the soil. The more money involved in certain things, the stupider the approach becomes, as the economic model thrives on inefficiency.


A major component of agriculture is livestock, a component not often factored into the food sectors contribution to greenhouse gases fueling climate change.

We could all do well to consume much less meat and dairy for many reasons.


Let us have people raise cattle and spread manure on fields. Let us reopen small town butcher shops. Bigger is not better, but cruel to animals.


Be it corporatist or communist, giant factory style agriculture pollutes and requires semi-slave labor forced from the land by inheritance taxes or police power.


Inheritance tax - first 3 million not taxed. above 3 million you are really in the big time landowner/farmer and already get subsidies and should be taxed. In heritance tax was put in place so we would not have royalty/dynasty families who rule and wield too much power like what we have now.


Very many family farms were absorbed into corporatism via inheritance taxes during the 50's 60's and 70's. The figures have been changed now that the deal is done.

Inheritance taxes are a good idea for the reasons you mention. They have also been used for specific tasks, like changing agriculture to the giant state subsidized corporatist system in the US.

All subsidies of any kind should of course be eliminated.


Along with non-organic fertilizers, pesticides/herbicides are a scourge to sustainable local, organic farming, especially poisoning the less-"developed" world. The food conglomerate (patented seed, fertilizer and pesticide/herbicide manufacturers) sells lies while consolidating control over the worlds food supply - a greed-driven profits above all else direction that threatens sustainable agriculture, the worlds peoples, and healthy environment.

"In 1900, cancer killed three people in America out of every hundred. Today, it’s 33 out of every 100–more than one-in-four Americans die from cancer."

"With the Delaney Clause dead on the floor of Congress, some 80 pesticides that were about to be outlawed as carcinogens will now remain in use. Call it the Dow-Monsanto bail-out bill, since these two companies make most of the chemical killers that were on the list to be banned.

The present calculation by the National Academy of Sciences is that between 30,000 and 60,000 people die each year from exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. Those at highest risk are children."

"The new standards for “acceptable risk” are set by the EPA, operating on recommendations of the food industry lobbyists, based on research from chemical industry scientists. “The new law brazenly codifies how many people the food industry can kill with pesticides."