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Eye of the Homophobic Tiger


Eye of the Homophobic Tiger

Oh Lord, save us. The wingnut circus - cue crosses waving in the delirious air - came to town to welcome Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk and aspiring martyr to the cause of telling other people who they can and can't love, as she was released from five days in a heathen jail. In a bizarre spectacle worthy of "Life of Brian," Davis sobbed at the side of a grinning Mike Hucksterbee and her fabulously hillbilly fourth husband before telling the cheering if bigoted crowd, “I just want to give God the glory," though maybe a bit for her too? Twitter went berserk: "Can the world just end already please?"


No matter where or when, it's the ones that prey on us most who shout the loudest that we'll get our revenge along with pie in the sky when we die.

And then they have to go behind the curtain so they can laugh.


I came across a site a while back that listed the educational backgrounds of the various Republican candidates. With exception of Scott Walker-who barely made it out of High School-most were college graduates from good schools, and quite a few had advanced degrees from places like Harvard and Yale. Some pretty smart people here, you might think. The only conclusion you can draw is that they are utterly cynical, and are playing to the rubes-of whom we have a lot.


I know you can't bring dissent to these kinds of religious people, at least to any positive effect, but how do we frame the narrative in a style that would decrease credibility for these stunts among (less-religious) Republicans? That 'following a proper respect to authority she should have resigned as soon as the SCOTUS ruled on marriage"? That one of the best reasons Government cannot enforce individual religious laws would be that "others can deny gun registrations on religious grounds" if it were the case? I will ask my fellow Kentuckians to denounce her actions (even if not her beliefs), but not sure how far I will get outside of Louisville.


Why is it that the anti-choice folks all look like they crawled out of a cave in Appalachia where it is obvious that dental care is not readily accessible? They all claim to be saved by their Sky Pilot when, in reality, it is solely an excuse to supposedly erase their sins of adultery, breaking of any number of the Ten C's, and make them new again. Davis is now the flag-bearer of the wing-nuttiest faction of the GOP and Huckabeast fits right alongside. Even Aimee Semple McPherson would be appalled.


The rapture cannot come soon enough! When those who hate like Davis pass on and those gates open up to receive them, I can just hear the exclamations, "It seems awfully hot. Perhaps heaven is like Louisiana in the summer."


Oh if only Ms Davis could have given glory to Vishnu or Buddha! If only her cause had been universal vegitarianism for all! If only she could have had Baba Ram Dass (aka Richard Alpert), or Thích Nhất Hạnh flanking her and led the crowd for a good half and hour in lotus position doing "Ommmmm".
Then surely cosmopolitan sophisticates like Abby Zimit could have fawned adoringly over her. Alas, Thich is currently located in the south of France and Baba Ram has chosen the Hawaiian Island of Maui for doing seminars and dispensing their sweet Nothings (note the capital "N"!) for adoring fans.
Ms Davis (a duly elected Democratic official--I wonder what Bernie or Hillary think of that!) took a conscientious stand based on her convictions and in the process was made a laughing stock and ridiculed for it by the common dreamers who did not excoriate either Tim DeChristoper or Sandra Steingraber who were similarly jailed and wrote articles about their imprisonment.


Didn't know that. Another Yalie to add to the Hall of Shame. Sigh.


In one of the pictures of Kim Davis giving some sort of press conference, she had BRAIDED HAIR!
The same section of the Bible she cites to deny marriage licenses to those she deems sinners prohibits such abominations as braided hair.
And who knows, those clothes that she is wearing might even be of mixed fibers, also strictly prohibited.
And I thought she had faith.


She's probably just trying to enter the "god" business. It's very lucrative and tax free. I enjoy subsidizing churches in this "secular" country when I pay my taxes.


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Just point out to them that Kim Davis is a Dem. They gonna change their minds :grinning:


A lot of those people already come fully equipped with that mind set before they set foot in Harvard and Yale. For them, those places are like finishing schools designed to confirm them in their privilege. But quite a few of the students of elite institutions are less retrograde than you might think, and go on to careers of public service. It's always been a mixed bag.


Her next Husband can be Joe the Plumber.


During the entire period of the US involvement in WWI, a lone protester would parade in front of the White House grounds carrying a sign that showed his disdain for the entire affair. After several months of this a reporter came up to interview him and asked him what the point of his protest was since the country was obviously at war and his protest wouldn't change anything, so why was he doing it. He answered the reporter by saying, "at the very least they won't change me and that is enough to keep me going".

What DeChristopher, Steingraber, or Davis did--including being willing to go to prison or jail is not the issue. None of these protesters prevailed, although they did disrupt--even if only briefly--"business as usual".
It validated their own convictions that even if those they oppose got their way, these people (DeChristiopher, Steingraber, and Davis), could at least tell their own children that they did what they could to not "go along to get along", even if only briefly, "business as usual" was disrupted, and no matter what the final outcome of their protests were it wouldn't change their convictions on the issue.

Richard Alpert is the given name of a Harvard psychology professor, who after years of dropping acid and eating psyclobin mushrooms with Timothy Leary on a regular basis decided that he was really a Hindu mystic and devoted follower of Neem Karoli Baba, (aka Maharajiji) who gave him his new name of Baba Ram Dass. (So much for the value of a Harvard education!)

As far as the teaching of "yoga in gym class", it would depend on exactly what was being taught. Stretching muscles (like dancers or athletes do) is physically beneficial. Telling students to empty their minds of all thoughts and focus on their third eye opening as they hold some position is another matter. Both are considered "yoga" and often linked together. Either way it should not be done on the public dime. (Separation of church and state!)


Richard Alpert is Baba Ram Das-and co-editor of the Psychedelic Review (along with Timothy Leary) in the early sixties. He was the prototype of Baba Rum Dum (who made the sun come up every morning)-on Fire Sign Theater.You had to have been there. There was also the Harvard Lampoon Tabernacle Choir. Never mind.


Thanks for the Firesign reference; I know a lot of their work, but hadn't heard the Baba Rum Dum pieces.

Methinks Ms. Davis though belongs to the Church of the Blinding Light.

"Oh blinding light
Oh light that blinds
I can not see
Look out for me!"

Phil Proctor by the way is regularly re-printed (Phil's Phunny Phacts) in Funny Times, a bi-weekly humor compendium of cartoons and comment. Have been a subscriber for about 20 yrs.


Before i get to the point where you want to stab me with a pitchfork let me state that i don't give a care about whether anyone gets married or how one defines it. If there is love - let it grow in any way possible.

That said, this bigot did the "right thing" for the wrong reasons - her bigotry. Here is the legal reality. Those that jailed her broke the law for unlawful imprisonment. She followed the laws. Whether or not we like it, the law that congress passed is called the Defense Of Marriage Act - DOMA. The Supreme Court ruled against that. Basic civics follows;

ONLY CONGRESS CAN MAKE A LAW. They did. DOMA. The SC ruled against that law. THAT IS NOT A LAW - it is just a ruling. In reality, the federal govt has NO legitiimate right to make any law regarding a definition of marriage because it isn't in the 30 ennumerated powers the fed is lawfully confined to - and which they illegally overstep all the time. (i swear, 90% of the fed govt is totally illegitimate...) So the LAW OF THE LAND remains DOMA - in which gay marriage is not legal.

Go to Kentucky and you find the legal definition of marriage is one man to one woman. Period. Therefore, despite her bigotry and wrong reasoning SHE FOLLOWED THE LAW and it was thus unlawful to jail her. She could sue their butts off for the destruction of her rights - and that would be another layer of travesty to this whole circus of idiocy.


Wherever religion prevails you find a good number of people who claim to be on first name terms with the Almighty. These individuals are obviously deluded, but so are many of their neighbors, so collective delusion goes largely unchallenged. The Kim Davis phenomenon is nothing more than this: collective delusion (and unmitigated bigotry) masquerading as faith, "principle" and martyrdom. Maybe Kim Davis thinks that she will go to heaven, but she will probably settle for getting on Fox News and other right wing lunatic asylums. I almost admire Ms Davis for her sheer audacity: she has contributed mightily to the destruction of "traditional marriage" in the United States by her multiple divorces, but now she has remade herself as the defender of the sacred vow. In some ways, she is so quintessentially American: Americans know that their society is full of suckers (one being born every minute), and that if you play your hand right there is money to be made. Kim Davis' crying/laughing routine as she took the stage in front of her adoring supporters is money in the bank.

Ms Davis is just another American huckster: in a few months she will be forgotten and I wager she will be arrested in the future for a petty crime like drunk driving, and further down the line she will get yet another divorce. Right now she is being used by powerful right wing forces. They will have their chew and spit her out when she is no longer useful. We can all see it coming, but I doubt Ms Davis is that far-seeing.

Kim Davis is pathetic but her Christian soul mates--Huckabee and Cruz--are truly despicable. These people have contempt for the likes of Kim Davis. They probably regard her as a brainless prole, who is too stupid to know that she is stupid. Elitist assholes of the Republican variety are not exactly known for their egalitarian sensibility. Huckabee and Cruz flatter Kim Davis that she is someone important and admirable, but in private they probably say to themselves: "how can she be such a moron?" Such is the contemporary Republican Party, despising of the poor and working class, but ever ready to flatter the "mean whites" of this nation whenever it serves plutocratic or reactionary purposes.

The country has always been crazy, but listening to Davis, Huckabee and the other Christian homophobes you realize that a new and deeper form of crazy has taken hold of a larger sector of the populace than you care to believe. The American future promises to be interesting as American crazy goes to war with some of the better developments of American reality, such as gay and lesbian equality and rights for women. Hmm...


She did not follow the law. She tried to use the power of the state to shove her religious beliefs down other people's throats.

Gay marriage is lawful, DOMA no longer is.