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'Eye-Popping': Analysis Shows Top 1% Gained $21 Trillion in Wealth Since 1989 While Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/14/eye-popping-analysis-shows-top-1-gained-21-trillion-wealth-1989-while-bottom-half


Breunig’s analysis is spread out over three decades. Trump’s 2017 tax cuts further accelerated the rate at which the 1% are gaining wealth and the 99% are losing wealth, assuring that future stats will be even more eye popping.

Unfortunately, too many Americans either don’t want to think about wealth inequality or are incapable of comprehending such concepts.


ronny raygun must be a having a wet dream in death … oh and then there’s arthur laffer the douche bag economist who said it was all good >> pHH right and of course the corporate dems can’t see past their own noses


It’s not that We didn’t know it was happening, it’s just We never got around to do much about it…, Maybe it didn’t seem to be a priority or We simply didn’t give a crap. Seems We still don’t…


I hope to read Laffer’s obit with extreme satisfaction.


well, gee, this sounds fair. right? right?!


Think of the bright side, after the Sociopath bastards permanently end the global ecosystem in a decade or two, the pieces of paper with numbers on them that they and their Christian supporters worship, called money, will be absolutely worthless. I mean we’ll be dying, starving, but at least we can look forward to that.


Trump’s poverty stricken neo evangel base believes Trump and the 1% are rich because god loves them … and hates the poor. Trump’s tax cut has served its purpose … fatten the fat cats. Trump’s trade war is serving its purpose … fatten the fat cats. Trump was elected to fatten the fat cats… doing a good job.


The top 1% didn’t just “gain” that $21 Trillion, the majority of it was stolen from the people - the greatest theft in history (except for the MICC war-machine) a theft from the society that made the 1% “success” and “gain” possible.

The ability of the 1% thru that wealth, stolen, diverted, tax-“cuts”, government OF, BY, and FOR the 1%, was used to further subvert government, the media, justice “system” and banker/Wall Street frauds, usury, and manipulations, to serve the 1% almost entirely. To corrupt and buy politicians, candidates and elections, and thus buy legislation to further increase and exacerbate the enormity of the theft. That is what that $21 Trillion (and more) “gain” is, and that crime and all the ill-gotten “gains” must be restored - clawed-back by whatever means necessary to put those trillions back into the hands of the 99% to benefit and sustain society and the Common Good!

Just my two freakin cents!


"You cannot maintain the way you live now. Those rich nations, those wealthy people, those people who have become accustomed to affluence, feeling it is not only a right but an entitlement from God and from life—they must be prepared to change the way they live, to live far more simply, to live far more equitably, for the sharing of the remaining resources will require this.

"The rich will have to take care of the poor, and the poor will have to take care of one another, or failure faces everyone, rich and poor.

There will be no winners if human civilization should fail. There will be no supreme nations. There will be no supreme tribe or group or religious body if civilization fails. And the Great Waves of change have the power to lead human civilization to failure. That is how great they are. That is how long reaching their impact will be."…
From the new teaching: --The First Great Challenge. from newmessage.org Marshall Vian Summers


Trump’s base is actually not that poor. This is the myth of the 'poor white trash" being Trump supporters. It’s true that a large chunk of his supporters are blithering idiots when it comes to things social and political, but they’re mostly middle class or entrepreneurial working class.

The poor generally don’t vote; white or otherwise.


They don’t pay any taxes, get that part.



…and the majority of us voted every 2 to 4 years during that period to keep them in $2,000 suits.

…multiple houses, sports cars, mistresses…


"This," is the real War on Terror. The terrorizing of the American people.

And, the American people support the parties that enable it.

Willingly. In the voting booth.

Who can deny it?


Which of the two parties altered the curve during the time covered in the study while they held power?

Why would any citizen vote for Republicans or Democrats? A third party could pull from the non-voters as well as the dissatisfied voters from both parties.


Christians (I am not one) have no monopoly on supporting evil. Nor do non-Christians have any monopoly on opposing it.

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so you’re going to argue that the wealthy haven’t rigged the system in their favor?

its socialism for the rich rugged individualism for the poor… fucking smoke my hog you right wing dick head


According to Karl Rove, “The Architect”, Christians were the key to right wing political victories. I don’t think there was ever a greater authority on that subject. I noticed also that as Trump gets worse, his evangelical support gets stronger.

Wal Mart doesn’t have a monopoly on big box stores, Starbucks doesn’t have a monopoly on coffee, etc, etc.

The point is that without the christian vote, republicans have about 15% of the electorate, if even that, and republicans are evil, pure and unquestionable evil Possibly the most evil in the history of all evil…No other group pushed this hard for human extinction in all of history. There are three types of republican voters, the greedy, the racist, and the religious. The religious make up the vast majority of those votes.


Stole it??? How is that possible. The 1% just worked that much harder. Put in thousands of times more hours on the golf course than any of us peasants. If we peasants just had more golfing gumption we would finally “earn” our money. It is our own darn fault for being lazy and shiftless workers instead of ambitious, hard driving golfers. Like Orange Boy No 1.
/s (just to be sure, hard to be sure these days)


650 of our children die every hour on this planet from starvation.While under 10 people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion of us .
Humans are a primitive species. We must grow up fast and stop this madness .
The rich created and rigg the systems we all have to live by.
What happened to basic fairness and the right to life ? Is that too much to ask ?