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Eyebrows, Ethical Questions Raised as Ivanka Sits in on Donald Trump's Abe Meeting


Eyebrows, Ethical Questions Raised as Ivanka Sits in on Donald Trump's Abe Meeting

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump sat in Thursday on the president-elect's first meeting with a head of state, raising ethical questions and eyebrows again over the future administration's conflicts of interest.

The meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took place at "Trump's gilded Manhattan penthouse."


How about Neil Bush cashing in on No Child Left Behind, by selling related software and making a mega-killing?

The Captured Media pushes what they want us to know, in our faces, and makes it difficult for us to find out what they don't.


Given the economic/financial conditions in Japan, I can't help but think that we're looking at an indication that the same has reached these shores.

Both the US and Japan have companies invested in Brazil's MATOPIBA plan, which failed to consult with the peoples impacted by it. The international outrage has been silenced in US media until just very recently.


Seems a little sexist to be complaining about Trump's daughter being there but not complaining about his son-in-law. In the end, I'm a lot more worried about the crazy people he will be appointing to key positions than the business advantages he is giving himself and his children.


Recent post at the Baseline Scenario

"Several of my friends, some of whom I haven’t spoken with in a long time, have reached out to me over the past week to discuss what to make of last week’s election. I imagine this is happening with a lot of people." ...


Reminds me of the Clinton Foundation.


Tell me who among the slobbering sycophants DJT has chosen to fawn over him, would dare say to HRH DJT that neither Ivanka nor her husband Kushner should be at any meetings pertaining to the functions of a president-elect? ...And the silence is deafening, so I have my answer.

It is only a matter of time until the jackals chosen by the emperor-elect turn on and cannibalize each other and then ravage their pack leader for dessert.


Sorry to be so cynical, but big SO WHAT!? So there's conflicts of interest and violations of protocol, tradition and even law by Trump et al. Who's going to do anything about it, Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Trump's FBI director? We now have a King, and Kings are immune to all law.

P.S. How much do you want to bet that by this time next year, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence ODonnell among others will be nowhere to be seen? Matthews will do a full pivot and be a Trump booster; he's already taken a few steps in that direction. The line between liberals and supporters of terrorism is going to get mighty flexible.


Abe, the pro-nuclear corporatist and Trump, the corporate casino owner - And daughter? Screw this. Coast-to-coast Thanksgiving fasts and foodless get-togethers are in order.

Thanksgiving at Standing Rock - the center of the known Universe. I am Fasting to honor my Earth Mother friends who protect our water from the banksters. If I could, I would bring organic food, heaters, insulated canvas festival-sized tents.


This is just the start folks. Hey, people on the right always talk about running DC like a business now they are getting to see up close what exactly that means. The USA is now just a subsidiary of TRUMP INC. it's kind of ( no pun intended) a hostile takeover.




a few steps? He was a goddamn cheerleader pom poms and all. It made me so sick to watch him fawn over the mental midget that I had to stop watching and turned to our local news in the morning. Screw that idiot. If we can hold on for two years there is a chance we will be able to check him in his final two years.


And with Trump trying to bar journalists from covering the transition, we'll know even less.


This Meeting took place in his private home and he has not yet taken the oath of office. The pundits are premature in complaing about protocol here!


For some of us, I am sure, our suspicions as to why exactly Trump was running for president are now confirmed. He is not only dangerous but tacky too.


I noticed that the Japanese Prime Minister didn't say What he had "confidence" T-Rump would Do as President.


This is interesting. I always wondered how a corporitist government worked. So you have the Prez and the Prez's top choice of CEO, which happens to be family in this case, as part of political deals. This will be fascinating as time moves on. I dont recall an actual documented corporitist gov't off tye tip of my head. The only thing Ive read for theory is that it would be a CEO as Prez instead of a Prez and a CEO.


Not to mention the McGraws of McGraw-Hill who owned Princeton Testing Services. They live next door to the Bush compound at Kennebunkport. They made a killing with all that testing. Public money into private hands!


Kim jung Il
Kim Il sung
Kim Jong un
Hafez Assad
Bashar al Assad
Trump clan anyone?
Not just NO.


Right. Don don't give a damn, and neither do the enablers in his party. Their interest in true democracy is practically nil. We are saddled with them anyway.