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Eyes on South Dakota as Governor Preps Action on Transgender Rights Bill



"What this amounts to is legislators saying we didn't win the gay marriage fight, so let's go after someone else." Duh. That is what every fight against the LGBTQ community has been about since the conclusion of the gay marriage fight.

"I have my own set of values and in the end I'll make my own decisions." or in other words the bill will pass because it is self serving and because it complies with the governors prejudices. The people of this state require a better governor who does not impart their emotions into the law.


Ridiculous --

What we need are more bathrooms for women -- and CLEAN bathrooms --
ever been in a man's bathroom? Ugh!


And the law didn't pass


Most guys most likely don't have any issues with who showers in the same room with them, but 16 year old girls are a lot more self conscious about their bodies. Not sure how they would feel when a "girl" with male accessories struts hale naked thru the shower room. I guess they'll have to live with it.


Most women's bathrooms are cleaner than most men's bathrooms but are not exactly clean. At a grocery store where I used to work, the women's bathroom was dirtier than the men's bathroom.


Depends on who cleans the bathroom, as well.
Who was responsible for cleaning the grocery store rest rooms?

One of the biggest problems in women's rest rooms is very clean women who come in and
don't want to touch anything so they load the toilet seat with toilet paper, don't sit on the seat
and make a general mess. Then they don't clean up after themselves.
Too clean to clean up after yourself -- :slightly_smiling:

All of these fast food places do not use cleaning crews -- they have for decades now
been using the teenagers who work there who serve up the burgers to also clean the rest rooms.

This is a story the press refuses to cover.

I can only imagine that these teens don't mention this to their parents?

Also see: Fast Times at Ridgement High -- there is actually a scene where the guy is cleaning
the bathroom. I've also bumped into these kids at times when I've had to use a fast food restaurant's
bathroom -- (don't buy anything, just use the rest room) -- also spoken to a number of women who
worked at Pizza Hut -- upstate rural places, no jobs -- young girls with a kid - can't quit.