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Eyond Crazy Tweets, Sanders Says Policies Expose Trump 'For Fraud He Is'


eyond Crazy Tweets, Sanders Says Policies Expose Trump 'For Fraud He Is'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Thursday morning, Sen.


Sanders never seems to get it that Trump' supporters don't really care if he is for them or not economically. What they care about is that he is for them because they are white. Trump's supporters in general are doing pretty well economically anyway. They earn more than the average income. Of course they say they voted for Trump for economic reasons but I wouldn't believe that anymore than I would believe what Trump says. Trump continues to pursue a white nationalist agenda and that is the main reason he continues to maintain support in these rural areas.


You are becoming really creepy and are extremely racist. Racism can go both ways don't forget. You spout this racist hate for white people and then you pretend that you are a progressive. You seem to be trying to foment racial hatred.

Trump doesn't care about the poor and lower working class whatever color they are. If you aren't well off or rich then to Trump you are a loser! You act as if among those 22 million that would be kicked off of Medicaid that there were no white people. Stop spouting the racial hate! Everybody among those 22 million whether white or black or anything else, all know what Trump is about now. Trump may have tricked the people in rural America before but they see the truth now. Btw where do you base this racial divide on? Are you claiming that polls show this as a fact? What polls? We remember you and polls. Cite some proof of what you claim?

I think that just maybe you are white and that you only want to foment racial hatred. Very creepy Lrx. Are you a spiteful troll now?


Calling all Bernie Bashers! Come out, come out.....from the dark recesses of your astonishingly clairvoyant minds........dazzle us with your brilliance.....or baffle us with your BS..........


"Trump' supporters don't really care if he is for them or not economically. What they care about is that he is for them because they are white."

How do you know this?


Bernie may be old, but he tells it like no other politician in America!


Trump most certainly is racist and speaks to the black hearts of the racists among us. But more than that, he is a member of the .001% ruling elite who made his fortune catering to the wealthy, with a particularly affinity to those whose fortunes are ill-gotten gains. Remember that Trump got his start as a casino mogul. Class Warfare is Trump's agenda, pitting the middle class against the poor of all races and ethnicities. The middle class also fear for their livelihoods and security because that group also means nothing to Trump other than wage slavery and canon fodder. The republican party is plotting WWIII.


The point is: don't listen to that Bernie Sanders! He's not the Democrats. Sad, and all too true. You can't go around speaking the truth and getting in their face like that. Why, just imagine if the whole party felt like that - we'd actually have to do something. Remember darlings - we'll always have Moscow! But, whatever else we do, get that effing spotlight off of Bernie Sanders!

And can you hear the faint echo of the D racial pandering/marshalling of the campaign? I stopped reading that mellifluous mush even before the election was over. Like an amateur impersonation of Sauron.


There were many polls ( Jan-Feb ) showing racial issues played a part in voting for Trump. They also showed economic anxiety, and dislike of diversity, etc. Religious fanaticism and so on. Many contributing factors in 2016. Lots of them, actually. Hillary's economic policies, too. Puny, really.
It was this intersectionality of many fears, mostly imaginary, in the minds of white people and Trump's xenophobic pandering, which got him to 46%.
But, it's where and how he got that 46% that makes Lrx's comment fairly spot on. Charles Blow of the NY Times has covered this issue quite a bit, too.


It is not back then nor does this fraud speak in terms of the past. He talks of the present and he or she is manipulating people. Do you really think that those who backed Trump's talk about 'make America great again' and how Trump will bring back jobs and protect the working man and fight Wall St. and save Medicaid and blah, blah, blah haven't caught on by now? Are you also seriously claiming that the millions of white people that will be kicked off Medicaid, really don't mind because they want Trump to lead to some Confederacy in the Sky fantasy of White on white?

So then you tell me, since you were here back then, how much did this person honor Sanders long commitment to Civil Rights, to the fact that he literally marched for civil rights when MLK was still alive, that he was one of the few white senators to sponsor pro civil rights and social justice legislation that collectively gave him a 100% rating by the NAACP and the CBC. He kept denigrating Sanders and claiming importance for unknown groups polls and cited long outdated polls as if they were current.

It was the sabotage by the Clinton Democrat old guard who felt threatened by a senator with a conscience and didn't want to risk losing their privileged positions withthe status quo Dems, who failed their communities and know they did when Trump trumped Hillary. Single payer and free college education were the two most progressive issues that affected the low wage earner black community. It is a shame that the black old guard threw in their lot with Hillary because they liked their being an elite in their community.

It is very likely that Hillary's campaign operatives helped instigate that incident very early on where those two mysterious black women abused Sanders at a rally for no reason except he was a white man. If they even knew Sanders civil rights record it didn't matter to them. They gave the press the false narrative that Sanders was not as popular in the black community than was Hillary who had never marched! They spiked Sanders campaign as it was just starting to become a rollercoaster and what did those two do? They had a private meeting with Hillary and then disappeared from the campaign scene. Other black leaders and progressives apologized to Sanders in public for the two because Sanders was in fact a long sponsor of pro minority legislation. The press wasn't about to help Sanders and maintained the erroneous narrative. Later polls showed that minority communities had figured it out by the time Election Day rolled around but by then Trump had conned his way to the republican populist spot with the help of the press.

In the end, the black community lost free college education and may also (with low income whites) lose Medicaid too. You were here with this person's constant put downs of Sanders in favor of Hillary.

He is still working against Sanders but first he tries to divide and ...!


The question is, how much is saving us going to cost?


Fraud, yes, Bernie! But We the People have yet to hear from you, Mrs. Warren or anybody, who might be considering a run for 2020, mention the CORPORATION. Yes, oligarch. Yes 1%. Yes, Donald. Yes, "the right". Why? Well, you have no need of asking permission to do so. So, how about it?


Bernie brought the word oligarchy with him. I think you have forgotten that Bernie was the first and for a long time the only one to even say the word oligarchy or talk about Social Justice issues.


Bernie - if you dislike fraud why have you accepted the fraud by the DNC on you and your followers. Why have you not thanked whoever exposed the fraud? Why have you weighed in in the affirmative about the fraudulent story about Russia to distract from the provable voter fraud at the Dem convention?

Promoting the Russia story is good for the MIC who is the strong arm of global oil corporations responsible for most of the greenhouse gases. To reign in climate change is to reign in the polluters and their military muscle.

Bernie of Bernie are you for real?

Single payer militarist? Consistency ... Warren is disingenuous pragmatist ... come on Bernie - the only way forward is by a Corbyn like take over of the DNC -

Actual provable voter fraud took place - against you - do something about it.


"1/2 a like" from me. "Old" makes me think that wisdom has no value. That, though, is a damn good example as to how 24/7/365 days every year for decades of corporate advertising has changed us Americans. Not long ago, a few decades, "old" was a definite pejorative term - usually reserved for older adult assholes - usually said as "old fart", old _____, etc..


Excuse me but exactly what is he supposed to do when you say do something about it? Do what?

Are we talking 'Che Bernie'? Lol

The man has been a tireless supporter of civil rights, social justice and fiscal responsibility BUT he is not known for changing water into wine (changing rabidly greedy tax cutting Repubs into saintly progressives)! Nor is known to have raised the dead (gathering Oligarchy support for single payer)! No Bernie is not our savior nor our superhero (you just got to smile picturing Bernie in leotards and a cape!).

He is just some guy who has worked hard for his fellow citizens all his life. Stubborn? Yeah, I'll give him that. He remained a socialist and independent and by virtue of straight shooting while in a den of thieves, they came to respect that he was at the very least ... sincere!

Bernie was the one who said we need to change things from the inside back when most of us thought we'd only change things from the outside. Easy rider rode away, the airplane landed, the dead were grateful and there was Bernie year after year fighting the good fight and everybody knew it. A decent sort of guy who played it straight and walked the walk he talked and talked... and talked! Lol

But he was and is only one man and though by now, he is a very famous and honorable American politician, he doesn't do miracles... unless, of course, he happened to be sitting in the Oval Office ... and then he just might!


Donald Trump's policies appear to be aimed at destroying our Democracy, our environment, our social order, our economy, and our planet. This is not the action of a person with a firm grasp on reality. i believe that there is a process in place by which he could be declared incapable of discharging the duties of his office. it should be considered before he succeeds in his maniacal quest.


That's not the way I see it. I see Bernie as our (We the People) way forward to prevent total fascism in our lifetime. "Oligarch" simply means "rule by the few". Corporations are preferred by the banksters to hide their criminality and as an escape getaway, in case they get caught as in 2008. Corporations are at the root of all of the oligarch's wealth and We the People's plight. We just want a clean, happy, life and livable planet, while we are alive and can appreciate it!

Corporations that connect U.S. politicians to the likes of the oligarchs in: Russian, Asia, Europe or South America, especially the banks - these so-called corporate "persons" need to be exposed and kept exposed.

Bernie will hopefully see this and act - like myself and others, I've noticed. Many of us in the "Progressive" Peoples Movement, already push back whenever we read, like here, anything that could be thoughtfully amended, so our retaking of the People's House, becomes a reality - or we lose our livable Mother Earth. Exposing "the corporate connection" to government, instead of trump trump, ad nauseum would be a creative ploy to shake-up those criminals hiding behind fancy corporate logos.


That's why I think Lrx is like the Native American in Little Big Man; the consummate contrarian. Just picture he rides his horse backwards; steering with the tail, always looking in the wrong direction and generally acting rather odd. Like the Clintonistas and the DNC, sort of. Only, they were a hell of a lot more dangerous. And, more self-dealers, to be sure. Sen. Sanders is a breath of fresh air, though.
Great summation, btw.


Try petty spite instead of his being a contrarian. He is really anti Bernie which makes one wonder as to why so adamant? Okay he liked Hillary ( but actually he didn't. He just always opposed Bernie) but he used trash polls by small unofficial groups talking them up as if they were major national polls. He skewed the data too and misrepresented the numbers and also falsely reported old polls as being current. He does that here too.

I asked him to cite where he gets this race baiting data from? The fact is that Trump dumped much of his base because once elected, he doesn't need them anymore. These are the same people who vote republican and who hate liberals and deny global warming. Those are the reasons that they support Trump not because of the color of their skin or his.

They automatically hate liberals and the left and never carry their thinking any further than that! Trump knew this! It isn't like he respected their intelligence either!