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"F-35s Don't Help Families Pay Their Bills": GOP Under Fire for Slipping $30 Billion Pentagon Gift Into Coronavirus Bill

A bit like those F-35’s.


The wealth of the worlds people being used for stone age mentality toys.

Men play the hammer game ,those with the biggest hammer wins .

Women would hammer out justice, justice is an action not a reaction.

We can’t win, if we protest against this kind of insanity, Trump and his attack dog Barr, will sic their Federal Robocops on us.

My friend’s brother works for NSA. Last year he got two bonuses. Hundred thousand a piece. Our tax dollars. You talk about government waste! And they can’t test students and teachers in public schools.


Just the poor.

As far as profits, they are cashing in. War is a racket.

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Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
Even it the ask was for 1%—the answer would have been NO.
The miIitary gets more money than any other program. I guess we are heading towards just the one employer in America.
The Military wiII be the only employer----we wiII be used and abused, but the pandemic wiII stiII take most of the peopIe in America. When not attacking and steaIing the goId or oil from other nations, most of the Navy and the fight boys fIying over non existent sports events---- they wiII no doubt end up crashing in those poorIy made planes----- the army wiII be absorbed by DHS----and we go farther and farther downhill from there. : (

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I just read an article where a number of Republicans have come out against this latest bill. They are opposed to all the extra stimulus and want to reopen the economy.

A number indicated they were opposed to the “non Germane” spending programs included in the bill and they mentioned specifically building a new FBI Building ,added spending to help immigrants, marijuana studies and monies to the National endowment for the arts.

All wondered what any of these proposals had to do with COVID.

Yet from what I read not one mentioned 30 billion dollars in added military spending as something they were opposed to.


That is not true. They know perfectly well what they are trying to do. It has a name. They should be prosecuted for it.

there is no statute of limitations because that specific crime is so heinous.

“Higher profits” is not any kind of mitigating factor.

the sooner the people realize that the Republicans are now and have been for many decades–an organized criminal organization–and the Dems a feckless-spineless bunch of stooges who have been rolling over for the Republicans for almost as long–if the Dems had any backbone at all they would cut the military budget by 1/2 and use the money to repair our country–instead they INCREASED the money they gave to Trump for the pastime of ALL our political establishments–war-- more war— and then even more war-

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They continue to live in the illusion…caught in the maya.

Acceptance is for those that choose responsibility. Denial of life is a choice.

GOP Under Fire for Slipping $30 Billion Pentagon Gift Into Coronavirus Bill.

Hey! I know!! Let’s blame the Democrats!

“GOP Slips $30 Billion Pentagon Gift Into Coronavirus Plan”


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The F-35, a gd phucking, flying Swiss army knife…

Although it may seem like a lot of money, 100k really isn’t in the context of government trying to compete with academia and private industry in an area like cryptography, and/or cpmputer security and many others, which are fields that are highly competitive.

There also is a singificant disadvantage they are at in some areas in that their employees often likely can’t publish their best work. For obvious reasons, but it also means they wont get credit for sometimes big accomplishments.

Also, if somebody has to live in the Washington area which is one of the most expensive housing markets in the US, 100k isnt as large as it may seem to most people. Its like if I offered you a job in San Francisco and offered to pay you $100k a year. You might be overjoyed and be making plans for your future, until you encountered the cold hard reality of the SF housing market. Where 100k wouldnt go very far as far as housing availability. (Many/most landlords woyuld want you to earn much more to rent anything more than a spartan studio or 1 bedroom. )

Also, irregardless of how we feel about the millitary or any of whats going on we shouldn’t pass on stuff like that. Its private.

So, have you not seen my question to you or just chose to ignore it?
I repeat:
Hello Zed…I’m trying to find the person that posted a video of Bernie Sanders several days ago I think, titled - Bernie Sanders on GATT and WTO (11/29/1994)
The reference was as I recall Bernie’s “muddled message”. was that you by chance? If so I would like to understand the context and reply. Thanks.

Now that Bernie has pivoted to Biden, there is no denying that what I said is true. Unfortunately.

Because he is not telling people about the GATS and what we need to do to avoid a punitive trap which will (it makes it clear this is the case) will strip us of the safety net we have.

His advice was missing a key all important fact that we needed to know. All this time, since the 1990s, most of the service sectors - what many think of as his proposals had all been taken off the table decades ago by a trade agreement which we must now leave before doing them. Both parties hid that from us, as did Bernie.

It trades away potentially millions of jobs too, pending the completion of something called a “single undertaking”.

Our ignorance is leading us into a very dangerous situation because of this ignorance.

Powerful people are literally trying to steal our country and planet, permanently, and succeeding, and we’re falling right into a trap. I hate to say it but people have been very naive to think that it would be so simple as simply voting for more Democrats. These treaties were and are literally supposed to make the future world impervious to the needs and hopes of fickle voters everywhere, not just here. We’re only able to change things at the national level by voting. The so called global governance organizations are at a new supranational lavel where people, voters dont have any standing. Only countriesdo and we can be assured that our country will stand up for the rights of corporations, to take maximum advantage OF us. It could not be clearer. We set this system up to do exactly that.

I dont profess to know the answers but I can tell you that we’re being misled. Not as to the wisdom of single payer. But Thats not what is being proposed now and for very technical reasons, we’re walking into a trap thats been set for us. You and the rest of us have no idea.

Why dont you read the papers in the links directory on my site?

Soon they will include the following paper, I will sort it so this paper’s link is near the top. this account of the financial services provisions of the GATS?

“Interpreting the General Agreement on Trade in Services and the WTO Instruments Relevant to the International Trade of Financial Services_ The Lawyers Perspective”

Let me tell you something. You shouldnt believe what US politicians tell you these days. Any of them. For one thing, they traded away the rights to regulate, so much of what we think they can do has been taken out of their power. So we are literally barking up the wrong tree.

This nation has been captured by corporate interests in the form of a system of new “global economic governance organizations”. they control issues of economic importance to the global corporations which now control our country and some others. Thats just a fact. Deal with it. Don’t try to kill the ,esenger. You are only showing your ignorance. You should assume that I am trying to help. In fact, the issue that I am bringing up (which is that our whole country has been misled by both parties to hide a huge theft of democracy itself, and our futures) is extremely important and easy to verify.

The state of capture now is almost total.

The US many years ago agreed to bind a very large portion of our economy to rules created as part of the WTO. They are in charge. This also means that a great many jobs are on the bargaining table. So we cant make commitments that would take them off that table without dealing with the agreement that pput them there. Maybe half the jobs in the country, the good ones could be lost.

What we are being treated to is more or less a theatrical performance.

The facts bear this out very strongly. By facts I mean the legal documents in the legal situations at issue. Most of which reside in Geneva. One is the Annex on Financial Services, another is the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services. To understand what has been done people need to understand these commitments we have made and the ideology behind them. Public services now are limited to only services which are totally noncommercial and have no competition from any business at all in an entire country. We have also made commitments to invite other countries in. They are impossible to ignore. Doing so will bring a punitive retribution down upon us. We need to avoid falling into a trap. Medicare is only allowed because its part of our retirement system. Single payer is only allowed if it predated a country’s committing the relevant sectors in the GATS. You will read this again and again. the way to get from here to these is the Article XXI procedure. Thats what we must do. there is no way around it. WTO employees have told me this. Its fact.

@gandolf said the $100k figure was for a bonus. I agree that for a salary in any one of many expensive parts of CA, that is a modest entry level salary for many professions and the government does need to spend to give competitive salaries. Obscene bonuses are another story.