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'F*ck Decorum': On House Floor, Rep. Ted Lieu Plays Audio of Detained Children Crying


'F*ck Decorum': On House Floor, Rep. Ted Lieu Plays Audio of Detained Children Crying

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Dispensing with the commitment to political "civility" that leads so many lawmakers to prioritize good manners over justice, Rep.


Good for you, Ted Lieu. One of our most principled representatives, I am a fan of his. No, he is not perfect. But I’ll take him over most of the others in that chamber any day of the week. We need more to take a stand and grow a spine like Ted.

Also, fuck not only decorum, but fuck you, Karen Handel. Bang away all you like with your gavel, the truth will out.


Never, ever expect a group that engages to benefit from abuses of power, the obfuscation of the same as secret and silent, to make available their perpetration of criminal activities.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
Fredrick Bastiat

Thank you Rep Ted Lieu for doing this on our behalf


Video to go with audio, document.


Nothing left to add beyond the 2 posts already here except 1 thing.

Pretty clear what ol Melania’s coat REALLY means.

Visiting the children wearing that disgraceful comment “She really doesn’t care”

Melania can stow with the rest of this crew that’s headed to Perdition


It will be interesting to see if the Republicans have the gall to bring discplinary proceedings against Rep. Lieu. If they do, it will 1) expose their own craven souls to the public and 2) provide an additional forum for Rep. Lieu to make his point (presumably by replaying the audio recording for the disciplinary forum and the public).

The applicable part of the rule (Rule 17) does not prohibit the use of an electronic device per se. Rather it says:

A person on the floor of the House may not smoke or use a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum.

Putting aside the odd juxtaposition of smoking and the use of a mobile electronic device, nothing in the manner in which Rep. Lieu delivered his comments or played the recording impaired decorum in any way. The use of this rule against Rep. Lieu needs to be seen exactly for what it is – censorship of the facts and a violation of the First Amendment. Indeed, the Speakers attempted imposition of the rules to censor Rep. Lieu’s playing of the recording could be construed as an impairment of decorum, as it improperly attempted to constrain his rights to address the House by improperly construing the rules against him.


One thing left to add if I might:

When this corrupt Duopoly finally implodes, I do hope that when the dominant new “People’s Party” emerges, that Mr. Ted Lieu will be there to join as a “true” representative of the People.



Good for Ted Lieu! Everywhere resistance and soon outright rebellion–total non cooperation.


Yes, Fuck decorum! And its about goddamn time!


Republicans are nasty pieces of work and nothing will change that except a mass exodus of them from Congress!


Thank you for reminding the partisans that this is a duopoly and no one has clean hands. I’m thinking of the genocide in Yemen. Where is the outrage? Does Rachel Maddow cry for those children. No not at all. It would be good if this sudden awakening to the abuse of immigrant families would lead to a broader assessment of American values. But, I won’t hold my breath.


Minor edit:

mass expulsion


Thank you for mentioning our government’s involvement in being complicit in the mass murder happening “right now” in Yemen.

And, they are being paid Big Money for “the assist.”


Will do.


The Russians agree with you.


How silly are you? Or, are you just automated inanity? No need to reply,


It’s not just the Republicans, Archie. Obushma detained and deported over three million people. The Democrats hate children just as much. They slaughtered plenty of them during the Obama administration.


I think you are off script. Keep it up. We need truth telling on this subject.


Of course it’s a repressed Southern nutbrain and the fucking obsession with decorum. I really believe this is a great deal of the GOP success over the last three decades-they are counting on the opposition to use “good manners” while they rape, maim, and bleed the country, everybody they can. And all through the 80s’ onward we did-anyone who stuck with the Republicans is a vulgar nothing. And THEY are the ones with the Terry Dolans, Newt Gingriches, and so many others who will say and do ANYTHING
Fuck them, let them hear the screams of the millions they have destroyed since Reagan, forever, into their graves and beyond…Total evil. Totally dualistic Totally gutter.


America good Ruskie evil … simple minds