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FAA’s Boeing-Biased Officials: Recuse Yourselves or Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/08/faas-boeing-biased-officials-recuse-yourselves-or-resign

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I really hope Ralph find a post in Bernie’s administration - Warren too


Boeing wanted to wait three years to fix 737 Max aircraft flaw, U.S. legislators say


Dear Boeing:
I think the flying public would feel better about Boeing and the 737 Max planes—IF— in order to show how safe the planes are—that the CEO and other high level job holders , and also member of the FAA who approved the planes safety------if these people showed the pubic how SAFE these Boeing planes were by sending an official on every Boeing flight to show your complete confidence in these planes. THAT would make the world feel a whole lot safer—and what better way to show confidence in your product
by betting your own lives on the 737 safety! : )


The Sr management of Boeing should be on trial for murder (in one degree or another)


Given the corporate decisions made which resulted in the collapse of safe production, we are handed an example of the equivalent of emergence of profoundly regressive corporate “incestuous” DNA . They’re really FAST with some riffs, but … Houston, we’ve got a problem…
see all the pretty planes??

Wicker’s actions are not a surprise, don’t expect anything positive for the citizens to come out of a committee he’s in charge of.

It’s been said before, but not enough, thanks Ralph, for all you’ve done over the years to improve the safety standards for everyday citizens.


In a corporate culture where “safety is King,” you might suppose the 737 Max would be grounded after two recent crashes that took 346 lives. But Paul Hudson of Flyer’s Rights informs us that safety is not the highest priority when “schedule is God.” See https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/06/07/boeing-obama-a-gold-watch-and-346-dead/, by Russell Mokhiber of Corporate Crime Reporter

Dear Boeing:
The flying public would feel better about 737 Max if corporate board of directors executives and members of the FAA who approved its safety were onboard every flight to show complete confidence. That could make the world feel a little safer, possibly. What better way to show confidence in the product but in betting the lives of the executives on 737 safety?

Yew jist yew keep oan a-write-tin now yew heah?
See what I did with editing? You got it in you Stardust.

Didn’t Nikki Haley recently join the Boeing Board of Directors ?

Hi Wellan:

I will never fly on a Max, period. Boeing, as a corporation, deserves to die.

Hi modelforjoe:
If passengers keep canceling flights , maybe Boeing will off itself----as Boeing becomes “No Place to fly anybody.” It was awful enough that a woman was sucked out of the plane window-----but Boeing kills them all off at once. : (