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Face it, Repubs, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Way Smarter Than You Guys

Face it, Repubs, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Way Smarter Than You Guys

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Memo to the Republican Party:

You might want to stop messing with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s a freshman congresswoman with no significant legislative achievements, so it makes little sense that you spend so much time and energy on her. Besides, every time you do, you end up getting pantsed.

You’d think you’d learn. Yet, like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, you keep coming back for more.


Trump and the GOP are smart enough to apply Goebbels’ play book and an inherently corrupt social and gubmit structure to obtain and maintain control over just enough voters to enable GOP power expansion.


Memo to the Republican Party: Eat $hit & Di€.


Though I do not subscribe to her agenda that is merely reformed capitalism, I do appreciate what and how she is performing as a freshman senator who is continuously being verbally assaulted from all sides.

AOC is highly intelligent and quick-witted. All of those who are verbally assaulting her would be advised to keep their mouths shut as she has more innate intelligence in her little finger than all of her detractors combined. Furthermore, she always comes to the table well-prepared on the issues at-hand with fresh ideas on how to effectively address the issues.

As far as her Congressional opponents are concerned, let’s not be naïve. Much of what is behind their (Republicans and Democrats) verbal assaults are a perfect example of racism and the uncomfortableness of having their patriarchal beliefs and positions of power being challenged.

I fully acknowledge and appreciate what AOC is bringing to the table. It’s too bad that more of those in Congress aren’t taking notes and follow her example and contributions.


AOC did so well in a science fair project when she was a student that she got an asteroid named after her. NO KIDDING that she’s smart!


The typical white Republican male has it in for AOC not just because she a Democrat or a woman but because she is smarter than most of them. Those men come from a background where pretty women are to nod to their men and continually tell them how great they are. See Melania.


Ha! They aren’t smart enough to find their ass with both hands. It’s the Mrecers and the Kochs that are doing the gop’s thinking. The office holders are just cat’s paws.


Do we explain Nancy Baloney’s hatred of AOC the same way, because she REALLY hates her. In fact, Alexandria’s greatest foe (and the American people’s greatest foe) is Chuckie and Baloney. These Clintonistas will shill for the corporate oligarchs until all civil government collapses around them, just for their own benefit.


Republicans usually win using lies, exaggerations and ridicule. They will have a hard time beating up on this smart, young Latina who can turn their arguments against them.

It is entertaining to watch a boxing match between politicians though our lives should not be run by winning and losing politicians but by all the people in a democracy.


With all due respect to Pitts, she’s also smarter than a good many of her Democrat colleagues.


That horse bolted long ago.

And so far, Nancy and Chuck are clearly in charge.

This is what you’d expect, expanded MFA is off the table:

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The lickspittles continue to insist that the Drug Industry have a seat at the table and directly design any legislation that is related to health care. It akin to insisting on input from War Criminals as to what should constitute a war crime and what the sentencing guidelines should be.

This nonsense about requiring “market based solutions” so as to ensure innovation remains in the drug industry is exactly that. Salk with his Polio Vaccine insisted on receiving no royalties as he wanted the vaccine to be affordable. Banting and Best asked only for 1$ for developing insulin as they wanted to ensure it got to every person that needed it.

If we look at insulin just as example, prices on it skyrocket because only a few large Corporations now make the stuff and they insist on driving prices up. The rising costs for insulin justified by the Drug Industry to pay for “research and development” when the stuff was invented by Banting and Best in 1922! There is no “research and develpoment” going on here. There just a captive market that NEEDS the stuff to survive so the Industry cranks up prices.Their industry is based on extortion , either pay up or die!

Pelosi and her crew are acting to ensure that as many dollars as possible flow to the Drug Industry in the way of profits. They are not concerned about peoples access to health care at all. Your NIH and other Government run institutions the world over do as much if not more research into new drugs as does private industry and there really no reason at all for that private industry to even exist.


The only solution is to overturn their precious “tables”.


One of my favorites!

If Aoc did make a visit to Kentucky or any other space which could use some plain talking from an educated and caring person, I would expect good results. Meaning it would be possible to open a few minds to reason. Most of the public is tired of the lies and inefficient government. I would not under value any worker filled audience.
The times they are a changin, but not fast enough because there is too many (dead wood) usurpers in congress.


Thank you for acknowledging the unselfish work of Jonas Salk. There are some of us who vividly remember childhood friends and relatives who were stricken with, crippled by, or outright killed by this disease. Salk was a real hero. No politician, CEO, or military “leader” even comes close to him in terms of what really matters

I also revere and respect Rachel Carson in the same way. These kinds of people should serve as role models for young Americans.


It’s not brains that matter, it’s whose class interests you serve. If it were brains that mattered, progressives would have taken power a long time ago.


Now that industrial hemp is legal in the US, Kentucky needs to get its workers out of the mines and into the healthy fields of industrial hemp, farming and manufacturing thousands of superior products that will serve a new, living economy instead of the death economy of fossil fuels. INDUSTRIAL HEMP is deep in Kentucky heritage and the perfect answer to the coal mines. STOP killing the planet and start healing it!

AOC doesn’t let the republicans dictate the terms and scope of the debate. If you try to debate republicans on their terms and within the scope they set (which is always deliberately narrowminded) , you can’t win which is why “seasoned democrats” are ineffectual with republicans. You have to counter the repubs with your own terms and enlarge the scope of the debate and stick to it! Don’t get suckered by talking down on the repubs level. You’ve got to rise above and stay up there. They are too narrowminded to deal with that.

Good one! And how about the idea that these corporations (in league with government institutions they control) have discovered but are suppressing knowledge of actual cures for some of the illnesses they are making a fortune off of treating? Nahh, they would never do something like that…