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Face it, Repubs, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Way Smarter Than You Guys

Well written and comments spot on, but we need to remember AOC can’t do it alone. We need to contribute to her campaign financially (at the grass roots level, lots of small contributions, no elitist buying of candidates) but more importantly by civil disobedience i.e. marches and demonstrations by the thousands, tsunami of letters to the “stuck in the mud politicians practicing yesterdays politics.” Let’s all start writing letters, one or two a day to ask our employees AKA “leaders” why they aren’t standing up and supporting the ideas of AOC and Ilhan Omar and Sanders and other real leaders. Call out the hypocrisy and BS. Finally, let’s be in the streets, pitchforks in hand demanding change.

Well said atelios. The corporations don’t want a “cure” they want to produce and sell “treatments.” Treatments go on for a long time (high profits) whereas cures reduce the customer base (declining sales). And don’t forget how much research by publicly funded institutions produce new medicines. We pay for it and then the private sector reaps the benefits. The publicly funded institutions should own the patent and get paid royalties by the manufacturers who sell the product.