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Face-to-Face With Oil Execs, Pope Francis Says Continued Use of Fossil Fuels Will 'Destroy Civilization'


Face-to-Face With Oil Execs, Pope Francis Says Continued Use of Fossil Fuels Will 'Destroy Civilization'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a closed-door meeting with oil executives at the Vatican on Saturday, Pope Francis gravely warned against further fossil fuel exploration and extraction, arguing that continued use of dirty energy could ultimately "destroy civilization."


Need a smile: Sanders/Pope ticket, 2020!

Talk about an antithesis to Trump/Pence!!!


Does this really make any difference? Sociopath big buck white “oilmen” even slightly regarding what anyone (including the Pope) has to say?


Until Trump is flushed down the toilet with all his fellow turds, and a sane replacement government is installed that mandates the expansion of renewable energy sources, in construction as well as retrofit industies, fossil fuels will receive an unequal favor.


Hey Fokker,

Do you think Trump and Pence would travel to Rome if Pope Frank sent them an invite?


HA! Thank you, P.B. I laughed so hard that I farted a typical Trump thought to help clear my system a bit!


Face-to-Face With Oil Execs, Pope Francis Says Continued Use of Fossil Fuels Will 'Destroy Civilization’

"Carbon dioxide emissions remain very high. This is disturbing and a cause for real concern," Francis warned.

In attendance at the conference were several major players in the oil and gas industry, according to Reuters, including ExxonMobil and Shell—both of which denied the reality of climate change in public for decades despite knowing privately about the threat soaring carbon emissions posed to the planet.

A total of fifty industry executives were reportedly in attendance at the two-day event.

Also bringing “poverty and hunger” to their attention – and the world’s.

This is the Pope we like to see –

Imagine Trump saying such things!


Saintly gesture Pope Francis. But it would be against corporate law. It mandates that corporations have to make as much money as possible for their shareholders. However, if you can make them stop lying, deceiving and bribing, that would be a big plus.


Maybe. Why? Because there are a LOT of catholics out there and some might wake up to the ugliness of fossil fuels if it is dissed by the pope.


I think Pope Francis should get himself a food taster if he already doesn’t have one.



They listen only as a act of perceived politeness. The bottom line is still the Almighty Dollar and they don’t give a rat’s rear end about the earth. I get the feeling that the unspoken thought of most of them is this:

“Screw it. I’ll be dead by the time this is a problem. Let the next generation deal with it.”


And some of us Catholics have come out of the Oil Dream and realize this crap should have stayed in the ground.

It is beyond disgusting to me to watch those who identify as Christians defending Big Oil by lambasting wind farms and solar energy.


Jews and Catholics - together at last!

(Then again, most US Jews probably regard Sanders with suspicion for being “insufficiently Zionist”.)


And 95% Catholic Latin America - where the Pope comes from - always polls very high in concern about global warming.


The article has the Pope “Denouncing ‘unlimited faith in markets and technology’ exuded by corporate executives in an effort to justify the disastrous status quo…”

That phrasing is closer to an accurate formulation than one typically encounters. But it should be stated more clearly:

Corporate executives’ “unlimited faith in markets and technology” is an ideology adopted and promoted by self-interested owners and managers of capital in an effort to justify the disastrous status quo…"


In the 1990s California forced automakers to manufacture electric cars. The automakers marketed their orphan electric cars with incredibly frightening ads, in order to drive all consumers screaming the other way. The cars were too good and lots of people loved their electrics.

Then the automakers schmoozed California politicians to go back on their demands. Then the automakers had legal language allowing them to immediately repossess every last electric, haul every car away and crush every last car. They hoped people would forget that the electric ever existed!

Then GM and Chrysler went bankrupt and Uncle Sugar took them over. Ford came close.

Now, here’s my message to the oil companies. It’s not just that you’re looking at gigadeaths from starvation, it’s that the solutions are (as far as I can see) dead easy!

Here comes inexpensive solar heating for buildings! Throw rotten tomatoes at regional bodies until one of these people actually tries just one of these, at low cost, and it works like a charm!!! That opens the floodgates.

Next, a bird-safe variant of solar power towers is going to underprice even photovoltaics, plus it generates electricity 24/7. That is the end of most natural gas use, turn it off, see you in bankruptcy court, we need zero backup, yep, zero. Move a few choice items into a museum with docents in authentic-looking yellow hard hats. Preliminary subsystem prototypes for this one will be extremely cheap, but later prototypes will cost a reasonable amount. Do it now, or we throw eggs and dead fish this time.

Next, we have to displace the freeway system, at 90% lifetime savings. This one is going to cost $200 million for safety testing, but it’s well worth it.


Excellent point.


My understanding is, it’s case law, not written legislation, that requires corporations to prioritize profit.

It’s framed that the reason investors invest is that they want their investment to grow or provide income, so the fiduciary duty of corporate directors and managers is to maximize financial return to owners/investors.

Anything else requires an explicitly different written purpose in the Articles of Incorporation. A B-corp (public benefit corporation) has specific priorities that take precedence over profit, written into its Articles of Incorporation.


I doubt he is in much danger, being as he is the only one standing between the Catholic Church and the loss of much of its flock.


It’s quite apparent that the oilogarchs love the Almighty Dollar far more than they love their own children, grand­children and great-grandchildren.   They’re also assuming that their villas in Switzerland will be above the rising sea levels and the over-polluted & over-heated lower levels of the atmosphere.


It seems to me that the UNholy Catholic Church and the UNholy DamnocRatic Party are both in grave danger of losing their respective (and somewhat overlapping) flocks . . .