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Facebook Accused of 'Full-Frontal Suppression of Dissent' After Independent Media Swept Up in Mass Purge


I had a FB account briefly, a few years back but dropped it quickly when I realized what a dangerous and dishonest thing it is. All I wanted to do was keep up with some family members and the progress of their kids and it was quite convenient for that. But after data breaches, unwelcome additions to my “friend” list, constant attempts to get more and more personal info from me, seeing friends’ accounts get hacked, etc., etc., etc., I deleted my account permanently. Now I see that the operators actually have no qualms about abusing their massive power. Good riddance. (It’s nothing more than a money-making machine designed to gather and sell your personal information.)


I’ve been using ddg for a while. They are not a very good search engine. I still use them as my first choice, but google gets called in more than I think is necessary.


Zberg got run over the coals during the recent Congressional hearings, intended to scare the s… out of him, creating compliance. So now? He is complying.


Who uses Facebook? Are you stupid? Like…everyone. The point is it was easy access for average users to report atrocities.


I post quite a bit on Facebook hoping people who spend a lot of time there and don’t get the real news will get it there.


Hey, I quit ecosia because I couldn’t find where they say they don’t track you. If you have that please post it. I was an ecosia user and would be happy to use that with duckduckgo.com


orion, you’re social iq is failing. That said, nearly everyone I know has fled facebook.


Okay, for everyone that doesn’t get those congressional hearings - they’re fake pony shows. Do you know how many of them - including Elizabeth Warrens, have the senator acting like they’re racking them over the coals, ask them a scathing question then stop and help the CEO with the answer? Oh, nearly EVERY SINGLE ONE. Zuckerbergs was fake like the rest of them. They’re to pretend congress is doing something and the ceo is getting in trouble. Gotta love that one where Warren said, “you should be investigated” and she was actually raking the bankster because the investigation came back guilty. No he should have been in prison and that was a typical “show.” Zukerberg got a talking too and nothing more. Facebook should have been shut down.


I stopped for a whole different reason. His non stop Bernie love was to bring people back to the DNC and then I saw some of his Hillary camp mind games. Remember when Seth Rich was a big deal? The liberal youtube hosts often addressed him by showing his face then a trash can then the words traitor, in a loop. I caught them all doing it. Dore also does that with his “it’s in red so you know it’s important” Start reading what’s in red and then take a nice long look at that guy. He also promoted Hal Goodman as well as Lee Camp and of all people - Sane Progressive did. Hal Goodman is a piece of work that should have shown up in an Orwell book. I noticed he kept repeating himself in a weird way - then wrote down what he was saying which as equivalent to “your acceptance is now exponential you will now believe everything I say.”
I’m at work or I’d post the quote, the link and the minute. After you wake up to him, that guy who used to work under Hillary is a whole different media programing people problem that is going on all over. And, it of course makes people look crazy for even pointing it out. I’ll try to remember to come back with a link after I get home tonight. I remember posting about that guy here and links but it’s been at least a year.


And here’s the link:
HA Goodman

At point two minutes 5 seconds:
2:05 “your tolerance is now exponential you will now accept anything, the words trump impeachment Russia - those words will allow you to accept anything”


I heard about them from an interview Lee Camp did on Redacted Tonight, but If you go to their home page the following can be found on their front page:
We respect your privacy
We don’t sell your data to advertisers and have no third party trackers, unlike most other search engines.