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Facebook and Free Speech


Facebook and Free Speech

Faiza Patel, Rachel Levinson-Waldman

In the weeks since Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, Facebook has made two important policy announcements. The company released a document explaining what posts and accounts it removes on the basis of its internal rules, known as “community standards,” and it engaged outside consultants to review the social media platform’s impact on various communities.


I don’t see a solution if Facebook is going to be used by half the US population. It would be the equivalent of half the US population reading the same newspaper instead of having hundreds of local newspapers throughout the country. The basic contradiction with social media is that the more people are on the network the more useful it is to the users but the less democratic it is because control of the social media platform is under one company. The trade off of loss of democracy to gain more connectivity isn’t worth it. Most of connectivity for individuals is just hype anyway. There is no reason to be connected on Facebook with dozens of people and it just results in addiction to Facebook and loss of privacy, I don’t think Facebook can solve the problem. It needs to solved by government if need be but even better by people leaving Facebook and accepting less connectivity. In the end that would reduce addiction to Facebook and improve lives.


minds, steemit, myspace …
if all you really want to be is connected, you would have never been on facebook


If government would fulfill its role to mandate standards to enable interoperability we could easily have many social media companies that offered a service, free or paid, and you could see posts from people associated with a different service.

Imagine if you could only call people on your cell phone if they had the same provider. The whole situation is so ludicrous it would be laughable if it didn’t have so many consequences. I want a much stronger government that regulates a lot more - more strict chemical regulations, more strict open standards, anti-trust and on and on. This push for less regulation is one of the dumber things conservatives have come up with and progressives if we can ever take over the Democratic party need to come down solidly on the side of regulation for the good of everybody (which they usually do).


We need a “faxit” movement: exit Farcebook and start living.