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Facebook and Israeli Government Team Up to Censor Posts


Facebook and Israeli Government Team Up to Censor Posts

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Israel and Facebook will team up to delete content the country views as inciting violence, the Associated Press reports Monday.


My post from yesterday:

These people are turning on your microphone and using the parsed results to direct you ads. You are insane for using it. Move to one of the distributed social networking platforms, like GNUSocial, Friendica, Diaspora, or pump.io.


i gotta say:

Anyone who believes, that the communication infrastructure and its operating systems, including "social media," will grow more free, more democratic, less autocratic, less controlled as we move into the future, is delusional.

The communication infrastructure will be used by governments and corporations to carry out ever-more-sophisticated manipulation and control over information, people and money.

Unless and until We the People organize ourselves to take power away from the corporations, plutocrats, and states who claim to "own" everything...

Unless and until We the People impose democratic accountability on such fundamental infrastructure...

We are swiftly accelerating into a system that will completely subsume us, as individuals, and as humanity.

Add direct neural connection to the internet (with it's corporate profiteering, corporate and police state data-mining) and add artificial intelligence to their algorithms -- both developments plainly on the near-term horizon of just a few years -- and the power of those who control and profit from the communication infrastructure, will be unassailable.

We genuinely need to remove both state and corporate interests from power over this infrastructure, and convene democratic humanity to decide how to structure it.

i very seriously doubt we can "regulate" the state of Israel, or the United States or China, or Facebook, or Google, or Microsoft, to protect our most basic humanity from these "interested parties" who use their vast power in these systems for their own purposes.

And they are the ones deciding how to build the communication infrastructure and write the code.

How do We the People impose our needs on the ongoing development and uses of such infrastructure and code?


One of my housemates has recently been noticing exactly what you describe, at least that's what she presumes is happening and i would be very surprised if it's not going on just as you outline.

"They must be listening to what i'm saying!" she exclaims, looking at ads or search results that seem to reflect not her keyboard history, but her spoken words.


Zuckerberg right?

Netenyahoo came out today with some pretty fascist crap to say about the Palestinians.

The time for a two-state solution has long passed.
The US and every other western democracy should pressure Israel and the Palestinians for a one-state solution.
To include the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza being annexed to Israel. With full Israeli citizenship and voting rights for every Palestinian and others now living in those areas.

A Greater Israel if you'd like.


Why do you suppose Trotsky wound up with that icepick in his left eye? Or was it his right eye?


Of course as you say Erdan, "the internet can't be allowed to beome an incubator for terrorism".
Israel just couldn't stand the competition now, could it?


When we taxpayers have the right to say that our taxes not be used to subsidize a state that violates international law, then I will agree with you. The fact is, Israel controls the US Congress and media, and our taxes pay for the genocide of the Palestinian people. When our taxes are not used to murder innocent civilians AND CONTROL THE U.S. PEOPLE, then we can talk about "private companies" being able to do what they want.


Exactly! Facebook, what a colossal con job!


A world of fools!


I think this OP is a pretty irresponsible piece of incitement, not journalism at all. I'm not at all surprised to see the first 6 hours of comments including pretty blatant antisemitism, conspiracy theories, and smugness.

I can't see, from following the OP link to Associated Press (which went to ABC News), that Facebook has acknowledged any plan to "team up" with the Israeli Government. I see that 2 Israeli officials are trying to trap Facebook into favoring them over Palestinians. I'm not at all sure what CD hopes to accomplish, unless it's to join the smug commenters that cast Facebook users as "fools."


Go ahead and keep posting how Libertarians advocate for capital's absolute "right" to invade the privacy (regardless of their one-sided Terms of Use Agreement with all rights going to the fat-ass capitalist and no rights going to the user) of their users and use the communications of their users for further exploitation, oppression and domination to further suck every last bit of humanity out of society ... and all for a fucking dollar.

Your position of users having the right to not use Facebook and use another service is for all practical purposes is bullshit since Facebook has a monopolistic position in the marketplace for the service it provides.

You sound like an 8-year-old bully on the playground. You can play ball my way or take your ball and glove and get your ass out of here.

Enjoy the abuse us while can because the day is coming when....


Creepy. If the censorship is not enough this is another good reason to hate facebook.


Hey bkswrites, Smug commenters that cast Facebook users as fools. If the shoe fits wear it; besides, coming from someone who states Canada is not my problem, sounds like someone who does not get out much. However, that is is the problem with so many Americans with their, "Who cares about the neighbors." Then you have an America, that is an everyone out for themselves mentality, and Canada is not my problem. Sick!


So opposing Israel's genocide of the Occupied Territories is "anti-Semitism?"
Why am I not surprised? This canard is so old it smells.

Israel is NOT synonymous with Judaism, and there are more and more Jews who realize that Israel does NOT represent either them or Judaism.

Israel is about IMPERIALISM. "Land theft" in other words.

So, go back to your paymasters in Jerusalem, Zionist troll.


Unfortunately, there are lots and lots of FaceBook groups and many people do indeed use HateBook.


I'm not surprised by the POV of this article in the least. If any medium gets too powerful, of course Israel is going to try to dictate what it can and cannot say and do.

If I were a fascist, I'd do the same thing.


Of course you wouldn't understand. It's called Speaking Truth to Power.


terrific post, friend. what facebook is doing is just one taste of life under corporate rule across the planet.
I've tolerated a lot of FBs shenanigans for the sake of old friends and relationships. This will likely drive me out once and for all. My friends will understand, but for Zuckerberg to act as a conscious agent of Israeli policy while controlling the communications of half the planet is unacceptable.

Frigging Israel. It always seems that whenever there's a serious problem in the world, lift up the carpet, you find Zionist mold.


Those are very good points. Now who the H... flagged the post? There was nothing there worth flagging and the moderators should flag the flagger. The "community" is WHO? Not me for sure and I don't really believe it was a "community" who flagged it. That is a lie.

That goes for Google too. They got too big too fast and they do too much big data surveillance. The "private" firm gets secret public money so that the intelligence agencies can get the data regardless of future laws where they might have to claim to not be spying on everyone (which they are anyway).