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Facebook Bans Palestinian Editors as Israeli-Led Censorship Gets Underway


Facebook Bans Palestinian Editors as Israeli-Led Censorship Gets Underway

Nika Knight, staff writer

Facebook on Friday disabled the accounts of multiple editors of two of the most widely read online Palestinian publications, The Electronic Intifada reports, fulfilling what civil liberties advocates had feared when news emerged earlier this month that the popular social media site would collaborate with the Israeli government to censor users.


Good reason not to do Facebook. Scumbags.


Zuckerberg is a Zionist Jew. What did you expect? Impartiality?


"The Facebook-Israel partnership "underscores the severe dangers of having our public discourse overtaken, regulated, and controlled by a tiny number of unaccountable tech giants," Greenwald wrote earlier this month."

Precisely - that is why i don't do FB. I think folks ought to boycott FB - the problem is so many of our "movements" have made themselves dependent upon it - "Oh dear, what would we do without FB!"

That's how it is done with all technology - you allow yourself to become dependent on it, and then, whacko!

Not that long ago we were quite able to mount movements without the internet - we figured out how to be our own media .... but in adopting this stuff we have let atrophy all the old ways, discarded them and denigrated them as " old school, outmoded, blah, blah, blah .... It's amazing what one can do with a copy machine and shoe leather - but no one wants to do it anymore ... Tom Paine helped spark a revolution with a hand type-setting machine, for Pete's sake ,,,,


This story itself in reality highlights exactly why this story itself has no real value. This kind of false claim of dependence is not reality based when it comes to social media. The reality is, this story only highlights one of the reasons why social media sites are more like fad sites rather than real intrinsic parts of social communications.
The corporate controllers become obsessed with their delusions of power and grandeur and abuse it, in one way or another. In this case the foolish illusion that they now have the power to control humanity from their boardrooms, to control what people think, say and do. All a temporary illusion, old saying, you can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
It will fail and it will take down Facebook with it, the investors in Facebook of course have every right to be furious because their investment is being damaged to cover, extortionate demands by the government of Israel upon the management of Facebook (they of course do not care if Facebook is destroyed during this process, as long as they get to exploit it for as long as they can).
For people who started out communicating with Facebook, that loss of expression is more acute, so it is important to work at providing alternate communication methods. They of course should never ever turn back to their abuser, that is a huge mistake, by using Facebook they gave it the power to censor, they actually drew more people to the site. So they must stop using Facebook, just walk away from it and take their extended social circle with them.
Facebook is not a social media website, it is a for profit advertising website, it sells ads, it does not sell social interaction, it sells the privacy of it's users it does not sell rights to the users. Corporations who advertise on Facebook will always have far more power, then the targets of ads and data mining will ever have.
If you use Facebook simply stop and warn others about the risk and advise them to stop, there is absolutely no essential reason to use Facebook and there are a whole bunch of essential reasons to not use Facebook.


I though that the Indymedia system - which flourished in the days of Seattle - was the best. Its fall into disuse, obscurity, and in most cities extinction, was a tragedy for organizing.

Here's my city's abandoned site: