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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Dodges When Pressed About Details of White House Dinner With Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/02/facebook-ceo-zuckerberg-dodges-when-pressed-about-details-white-house-dinner-trump

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How many layers of toxic $#!t doers it take to shock a response?

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  1. No Facebood…or any alternative…period.

Zuckerberg’s eyes reveal that some alien being has taken over his body and soul (if he ever had one).


I doubt trump ever has a private meeting that is an honest one.

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It was a perfect conversation.


Zuckerberg is bringing on tyranny by allowing false ‚Äúpolitical‚ÄĚ advertising on Facebook.


Here’s one observation from another site. Something thats not getting anough discussion…

All this focus on Pete‚Äôs ‚Äúracism‚ÄĚ but none of the focus on the fact that his sudden surge has corresponded with his hiring of two former facebook higher-ups into his campaign staff after Zuckerberg ‚Äúsuggested‚ÄĚ he hire them.

How many people need to persuade their cities, towns, or counties to create unpaid elected positions for Do-Nothings so that they can run for such positions and therefore be eligible to discuss Zuckerberg’s child abuse and other probably made-up crimes on Facebook?

The question of who lobbied who is mute. Both are in a position to do the other benefits. That the meeting was secret was telling to all with the imagination to care.

It would have gotten a lot more attention if you had offered a thread to dispel our ignorance. As it is we can only wonder if you made that up. There is a lot of that gonin round dontcha know?

Well at least we have come across one likely topic of conversation during dinner.

Here ya go asshole. it’s in the comments section of this article


Pete Buttigieg Says He ‚ÄėWas Slow To Realize‚Äô South Bend Schools Were Segregated

The person who I quoted is: ‚ÄúLacomas‚ÄĚ - a Contributor https://www.spot.im/s/00sgQUftl4Y0

Here’s another unAmerican criminal simply trying to pad his wallet at America’s expense.