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Facebook Condemned for Empowering Right-Wing Magazine to "Drive Liberal New Outlets Into the Ground"


“Some claim that the world is gradually becoming united, that it will grow into a brotherly community as distances shrink and ideas are transmitted through the air. Alas, you must not believe that men can be united in this way. To consider freedom as directly dependent on the number of man’s requirements and the extent of their immediate satisfaction shows a twisted understanding of human nature, for such an interpretation only breeds in men a multitude of senseless, stupid desires and habits and endless preposterous inventions. People are more and more moved by envy now, by the desire to satisfy their material greed and by vanity.” --Dostoevsky


Several years ago in Facebook it became obvious Facebook’s moderator is a christian absolutist using their position to propagandize, to lie and hate. It moderates not only Facebook, but also many ‘liberal’ sites, most of which prevent me from commenting and participating in the discussion, including kos, salon, and many many others. I was able to comment on Facebook, and I used the opportunity to identify, to mark the moderator’s progress at manipulating and censoring, often using language inappropriate for use on the internet, but effective for marking the efforts of the moderator. At several points Facebook read these back to me, apparently not understanding my purpose, outlining that I had left a history of the activities of the moderator in spreading their lies and hatred and propaganda. I have been paying the price for doing that, I am now persecuted by various law enforcement agencies, as they harass me, and as they make it plain they will continue doing that forever. But I have responded in my own way, I’m hoping there are those who are interested in the behaviors within Facebook that I have identified, and will use their understanding of what is going on to take appropriate actions against these freaks. I’ve done what I can, as Kaepernick says, “just do it, even if it means sacrificing everything”. Make no mistake, the christian supremacists who lie and hate have a goal of the destruction of our Constitution, to bring down separation of church and state. They spread their sickness so that it is impossible to watch a sporting event on any network without getting their ignorance showed up our asses by their fascist fingers, or this morning with some idiot looking at the ceiling with tears running down his face, for a Mazda commercial. Sick, sick sick. I tried over the years to get Facebook to understand what it’s moderator was doing, not realizing that Facebook apparently has a hand in it, that Facebook was a party in spreading the lies and hatred.


I don’t think control is by corporate elites, but of a subgroup that may include corporate elites. One thing is clear, who ever is trying to use its control is controlled by christian supremacists, those who believe their gods are superior, that fact justifying any methods they use to gain control, including lying, hatred, murder and war. Putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is their penultimate goal, he is a christian supremacist who will engage with the rest of the freaks on the Supreme Court to destroy separation of church and state, and all the other crap being discussed is just a way to distract from that outcome, aided by the Republican Senate. If they succeed America will be over, and their dominionist gods will rule, controlled by the gathering christian power in the military. Make no mistake, the republican senate is christian supremacist dominated, they are traitors dedicated to destroying our nation, if we don’t act America is done with.


Well, I searched through the entire comments section and didn’t find one comment bringing up a point I’d like to make. First, let it be known that I think allowing both an algorithm and a right-wing ‘agency’ to make decisions on behalf of Facebook is inherently wrong, and, second, I also don’t agree that left and right are ‘equal’ opportunity voices of reason (just based on ethics alone, the right is inferior and not deserving in ‘equal’ time).

That being said: I think people need to logically be able to separate the man (Zuckerburg), from the many divisions of Facebook that do their own bidding. Now, if, after the outcry, we were to find that changes weren’t made, then I’d have to think that Zuck would HAVE to be aware and enforce some changes. But, anyone with an inkling of how a mega-corporation works has to know that Mark does not have day to day control of the company and may be unawares as to a lot of what goes on. This is not to excuse the behavior, but let’s lay the outrage at the feet of the department that is making these extremely poor choices.


…mono-analogy…at it’s best…


Now would be a good time for all the news outlets targeted by FB and the right wing to quit FB.


well Giovanna, if I had my druthers, every person not an eejit should leave that criminal spy network!
I knew right from the giddyup that was a BS thing anyway, even before the spying and selling personal data…that AH ought to be in the freakin slammer!

All the best to you…



I’m believing that Zuckerberg, Bezos, and a bunch of these billionaire bullies are nothing but Alien Hybrids.


buffalo –
Exactly what I wanted to ask –

Why does anyone have anything to do with Facebook?

I have family members using it – announcing their trips – showing personal
pictures - putting their friendships and family contacts on display - discussing
future plans. It’s shocking, alarming.

By posting on some article recently. I got – I guess you could call it avenue-d
into Facebook where I do have an account. And I posted a number of liberal
comments. Immediately I had something like 700-800 people so far wanting
to be my friend. Have they never heard actual liberal comments there?


What’s Facebook?


Facebook is basically a place for Type A’s, to spend hours perfecting their image for others to be impressed with.


Same to you.


Gullible people put their lives on Facebook for some reason unknown to me and have now been smacked down by the newly enriched one time progressive orchestrator of this ridiculous platform. The guys a rich nerd who has become a republican pawn like so many other one time progressives have done. Once they get a few bucks in their pocket they rush to join the ranks of our corporate fascists.




LWofLW. Agreed but, nevertheless, I smell a rat. My guess is this “censorship” is being used as cover to enable FB to appear neutral. The Neoliberals are attacking both the Left and the Right. I believe that ultimately they view the progressive movement as their real enemy because progressives are, generally, better informed and less easy to manipulate. This may be a simple attempt to make their censorship seem ‘fair’ as in: “Nothing to see here–just routine censorship. Move along sheeple.”


Is Mark Zuck a “christian supremacist”? Who knew!


Zuckerberg is a f***ing IDIOT. He belongs in the poor house as he is absolutely abusing his power and influence to the detriment of our democracy. God what a fool he is allowing our electoral system to be compromised by an adversarial foreign power. I have cancelled my facebook account permanently! I won’t even read some of my favorite news sites any more because they require a facebook account to comment on articles. NO, f you Zuckerberg and your little digital rag into perpetuity.


Way to go Ridgewalker. You are an example for all of us.


Freddie Krueger, the monster hiding under kid’s beds, Frankenstein, even the alien in “Alien” can’t hold a candle to trump and fuckerberg. Those two talented monsters are scarier. They produce REAL nightmares.


Wow, I am in no way a trend setter (although I was among the first to do away with bell bottom pants in junior high, because they acted like kites on your legs in a West Texas wind) but I left FB back in 2010, just because I couldn’t stand it anymore, and considered pretty much useless, although I had almost 800 FB friends.
I can’t believe people are still hanging on.