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Facebook Ignored Internal Warnings Its Algorithms Were Intensifying Divisiveness: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/facebook-ignored-internal-warnings-its-algorithms-were-intensifying-divisiveness

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People who use facebook probably also watch tv.


Forget Gates using vaccinations to implant microchips (lol) even though he may have fleetingly thought about it (not out of the realm of these sociopaths). Zuckerburg is actively seeking to create a civil war with the loonies in charge of leading it with their swastikas and AR15s. it would look more like Shaun of the Dead on Netflix than a well regulated militia.

Like all the media isn’t doing the same thing.

Passing around trump’s lies is not an innocent activity. It can, and will cause harm. And there is no way to hold people accountable, especially trump.
Isn’t there something on the books like defamation of character, and false witness or something like that?
I think you have to be well know for that, kind of like being on EVERYONE’S devices.

algorithms tke the undead past and foist it upon the unborn future.

Something like Facebook is a wet dream to organizations like CIA and the FBI. It like people volunteering to send those entities a monthly report on what they are thinking and what they are doing. The FBI used to have to send out agents to infiltrate groups so as to garner information. Now that stuff volunteered to them.

I recently watched an old BW Cold war movie available for free on the net. It showed a Soviet Union where Russians hid out in small groups secretly meeting to discuss issues of “freedom and liberty” as the KGB worked at rooting these groups out. The USA obviously portrayed as a freedom loving society where the people could meet and discuss ideas openly without worrying about being spied upon.

Facebook was not by accident either. It just a more clever way of doing things then what the KGB came up with . No state is more totalitarian then one where the Citizens volunteer themselves to be in chains and think that an exercise in freedom.


what parts is fb to be broken down into?

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“Why should we care if we’re destroying society. After all, our job is to make money.”


intensifying divisiveness? Is that a bad thing now? Isnt discourse and disagreement a vital part of Democratic discourse and a vehicle for new ideas and change? Is this a joke headline? We have every right to be divided anyway in this country. Divisiveness comes with the territory when you are trying to enact change. What do you want us to do? Agree with the racists? Not call out the oligarchs? Not call out injustice and inequity , sexual predators and war mongers? What do you want a country full of Stepford Wives that fall in line and not rock the boat?


It’s not just about collecting information on us, though it is that too. Pitting us against each other is a key part of the equation. Destroying human solidarity in the face of a rapacious government is their means of control. It’s not just FB. It’s the whole country. Why are the Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations, and the Pugh Charitable Trust, funding identity politics in the universities? Fred Hampton was murdered when he started talking to white nationalists, and getting standing ovations.

Facebook is-- simply put----an extreme right wing propaganda outlet — one that promotes evil for a profit-the ONLY appropriate response to their fascism is to STOP using their platform–like with Amazon–if we continue to support the criminals trashing our societies and planet for a profit–we deserve to be the victims of their terror

Not always.

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The last thing that anyone of a humanistic point of view should want (relative to Facebook) is to have Facebook policing content. They do that. It is a bad thing. Twitter does it. All of the most popular social media platforms do this. All of them are in conversation with the paragovernmental mass surveillance apparatus as well.

What we need is that the medium go unpoliced. We need a plaltform that does not particularly care whether it was intensifying or ameliorating divisiveness. This is just freedom of speech.

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30 - 40 hrs/week?

excuses excuses excuses. More whataboutism.

We do deserve what we continue to allow. “It’s the allowing, stupid.” And most people on the left still wonder why ‘they’ keep winning… It’s because the left continues to ‘allow’ with nothing more than ‘why?’ as any kind of real revolt or protest.

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Actually, I don’t use facebook. I watch TV to be sociable at meals but I can’t remember the last time I watched it alone.

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Calling out doesn’t work anymore. You and your little group spend the night in jail. You can’t afford to challenge the charges, so you plead guilty and pay the fine.
It mostly counts only if you have a considered amount of people in the protest.
Otherwise you get picked off one by one.

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As long as we continue to allow corporations to do whatever they wish, we will continue to see stories as this. The corporation is, of course, not an immutable law of nature - but we have created the conditions for it to act as one.