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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Helped Police Track Activists of Color: ACLU


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Helped Police Track Activists of Color: ACLU

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Three major social media networks helped police target activists throughout the country during tense protests against police brutality and racism, according to a new post by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published Tuesday.


Who needs the government spying on people when you've got Big Brother, INC. (tm) willing to do the job for them?


I wrote a very nasty email to Geofeedia for their 'traitorous' actions, I hope they write back so I can continue telling them they all ought to go to hell and be baked. I am so sick of back handed, fair weather companies that would sell you grand mother if they could, just fuck these bastards.


Big Brother is watching...


So, if you are using any of these social media establishment "fronts", you are being watched. Why is this even news? Don't trust these outfits with anything you wouldn't be willing to put on a billboard in Times Square. You are just plain stupid otherwise.


Yup. Geofeedia is a full-fledged dues paying member of the Zombie-Sycophant Group, or those Americans who would throw their fellow citizens under the bus for a few bucks.


Could you share that Geofeedia email. There be strength in numbers. I like the word 'traitorous' you used. Let's call it what it is.


I would share except to do that, I would have had to remember to copy/paste it since it was one of those emails you fill out 'on site', their site that is, so your copy isn't retained as easily.


Excellent reason why I'll not join any of those sites mentioned; I've an eerie feeling telling me they're complicit in aiding an actual secretive 'minority report,' as it were. Why do you think they're 'free.' All are shills compromising folks' notions and recorded comments that are spied upon by the hidden agenda perpetrated via covert authority engineering global political and social hypocrisies compromising the lot of we the people caught up in this controversial online 'social media' sting.


The modification will disturb online businesses quite considerably – especially if you are in an manufacturing that typically publishes long-form content to deliver your spectators with the in-depth conversation they want.


This situation highlights why we should be get troubled about companies knowing most about us. It turns their boards into rich origins of intelligence about huge numbers of people that government activities and even criminals will ultimately target to more their causes. At most of the cases social media puts off the topic and made the senseless person to become famous person on social media where as digital marketing companies in uae perfom the specific tasks that not to overcome the stupidity on social media.