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Facebook is Censoring Your Favorite Bloggers


Facebook is Censoring Your Favorite Bloggers

Steven Singer

Have you seen me?

Probably not.

In fact, you’re probably not even seeing this right now.

Though you may have read and enjoyed my articles in the past, though you may still want to have the opportunity to see and enjoy my posts in the future, you probably aren’t seeing them anymore.

The reason? Facebook has employed a new algorithm to determine exactly what you’re allowed to see on your news feed.


This is to be expected: generated by frat boy utterly immersed in the colonization demands of his “peers” - damn straight this gang says f#@% regulation.


Censorship in one form or another is everywhere. As more people wake up to the reality of a fascist America and it’s totally corrupted and controlled media machine, the more they feel pressure to censor any dissent. Slowly the illusion of democracy is being shred and the fascists regime is being recognized for what it is. So they try desperately to put the genie back in it’s bottle. All the while exposing themselves even more for who and what they are.


here you go


I really don’t like how it requires you to answer a text message to create an account, since I don’t really use a cellphone. But I know most do so I hope it does get popular.


if you really want to participate, you should get an ETH account.
Dan Larimer, the creator is a year younger than yuckerberg, and most of the code is genuinely his idea.
and yes, Dan is already worth 700 million
The code is transparent, open source and no data collection.
and you get paid for your content through the system.


Sorry for my ignorance but what is ETH?


Ethereum - a crypto currency.


“In the meantime, do what you can to take back your own news feed.”

An even better idea is to close your Facebook account. To find what you want to read go to websites. Now there is novel idea. That’s what people used to do way back in the days before social media or Web 2.0. While journalists might get less views they and their editors would stop sensationalizing their pieces to get friends of Facebook users to post what they have read. I don’t think Facebook should be a utility. It is not something people really need. It is mainly something they are addicted to. How to break the addiction. That is the problem that needs to be solved.


People blogging separately use it for publicity; because people are on FB, they can alert the people to reading material. But you have to be able to write a bit about it to get your readers’ attention. So FB deletes that and cuts off the communications.


If you like a blog I would think you could go to the blog site and get alerted to new blogs. I don’t see why Facebook is needed, Journalists want to go viral so they favor sensationalist stuff over drier stuff that is more important to find out about. Overall the effect of Facebook on journalism is negative because it biases the whole enterprise toward sensationalism at the expense of important information. Facebook should not be a big player in the dissemination of news and it should in some way pay for journalism instead of giving away freebees because the editorial staffs of local newspapers have been severely cut since the money isn’t there to pay them.


While Facebook may not be “needed” by you and I, most people have demonstrated a preference to associate with BIG things, hence the popularity of the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Amazon Prime, major sports teams, the examples are endless…

Being one of the top 5 global tech companies, Facebook is BIG.


Facebook is fine if your using for family and friends but dont use facebook as your only news source…Go straight to the news source website…Be versatile. Lots of people only use facebook period and they read the news they see there…Thats fine but go to the source to find if it is credible. The only excuse for ignorance is ignorance itself.