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Facebook Poised to Become 'De Facto Internet Gatekeeper' for Developing World


Facebook Poised to Become 'De Facto Internet Gatekeeper' for Developing World

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Privacy and net neutrality activists are sounding the alarm after Facebook on Monday announced changes to its "free" Internet for the developing world, dubbed Internet.org, which critics say threatens to make the social networking company the de facto Internet "gatekeeper" for hundreds of millions worldwide.


I am reminded of the meta-observations of R.D. Laing on identity and perspective that (to me) reflect the colonizing of/by the isolated meme:

All I have has been given me and is mine

If I have it, I must have been given it
Therefore it is mine.

I haven’t it
but I can get it
because I have been given the capacity to get it
It is mine.

It is not mine
but it has been me and I have it
therefore I am grateful for what I have, or
have been given.

But I resent being grateful
because if I have been given it, it has not always been mine.
therefore, if I don’t feel grateful
I won’t have been given it
therefore, it is (past present, future) eternally mine

Knots; p.41


Google’s new motto: Seek and ye shall be found…


Glad I told Facebook to F-off long ago.


That’s fine as an alternative search engine, but your commercial ISP still knows about and records everywhere you go on the internet. The only way to evade this and get your privacy back is to use Tor (which has its own browser built on the Firefox platform, along with a number of other precautions.



I still haven’t created a Facebook account, even though one can hardly go a day without some type of coercion to create one. I used to read articles on Huffington Post, but a while back they suddenly made a policy that one must have a Facebook account to participate in the comment section.
Facebook is already in decline. My mother and Father, in their late 70s have Facebook accounts so they can spy on the grandkids. My last conversation with my father he was grousing that the kids rarely use Facebook these days. So yes it doesn’t surprise me they are trying to expand to Africa and India. Isn’t it what we call colonization?
Bobby socks, hula hoops, and pompadours were also popular once.


Can Common Dreams please divest from Facebook?
The upvote high schoolism is a detriment to human maturity.


This is just the kind of thing I would have expected from Mark Zuckerberg, a soulless Republican with his scheme of getting even more billions while ironically making “social media” a term for creeping fascism. For more insight into Facebook, etc. check out the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” which I believe is available on YouTube. There is a T-shirt that says “F**k the Zuck”. I want one.


Nice! This R D Laing quote reminds me of a piece about The Justice of the Peace by Hilaire Belloc in The Penguin Book of Unrespectable Verse):-

Distinguish carefully between these two,
This thing is yours, that other thing is mine.
You have a shirt, a brimless hat, a shoe
And half a coat. I am the Lord benign
Of fifty hundred acres of fat land.
To which I have a right.You understand?

I have a rght because I have, because,
Because I have - because I have a right.
Now be quite calm and good, obey the laws,
Remember your low station, do not fight
Against the goad, because, you know, it pricks
Whenever the uncleanly demos kicks.

I do not envy you your hat, your shoe,
Why should you envy me my small estate?
It’s.fearfully illogical in you
To fight with economic force and fate.
Moreover, I have got the upper hand,
And mean to keep it. Do you understand?

The power of property is usually camouflaged, carefully hdden behind those convenient, smiling, masks of ‘free speech’, equality, democracy etc… Like the ‘Wizard’ behind: the curtain in the land of Oz, this is nothing like so powerful as it claims. It can only have the power and wealth - its “small estate” - because we work for it and serve it, and obey and enforce its laws and its rules. We are compliant in our own exploitation.
It’s a rum thought and a rum reality… Our misery and poverty continue only because we allow this crazy system to continue. But is this world really “the best of all possible worlds”?


Its fascinating to look at the etymological puzzle pieces in a work like this. There are games within gams, the legs they stand on, begetting the under-stood by the goad that pricks.

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.