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Facebook’s Internet.org Isn’t the Internet, It’s Facebooknet


Facebook’s Internet.org Isn’t the Internet, It’s Facebooknet

Josh Levy

This week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Internet.org, its marquee project to “connect two-thirds of the world that don’t have internet access,” is now inviting any website or service to join the program. According to Zuckerberg, this change—which follows criticism that the program violates Net Neutrality principles—would “give people even more choice and more free services, while still creating a sustainable economic model to connect every single person in the world.”


WE, the corporate oligarchs, will control it ALL so that all citizens can be free… *to pay us.


Greed in a T-shirt.


Definitely blows any myths that the silicon cartel is for net neutrality or against NSA spying.


Right. These “convenience” provider that have made themselves rich on our private data (they used to have to pay market researchers and we could hang up the phone…) and have sold our Right to Privacy down the drain. It is a felony to intercept a person’s USPS snail mail, why are these louses invading our e-boxes with impugnity? Or, allowing the government back door access w/o our permission? Maybe NERD will come to have a very negative connotation and the computer science programs will dry up of talented bright minds.

I do like the Anonymous group, though. Bully on them.


Just another douche bag shill for corporate America.